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  JayD and LFlowers - JT Colfax
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-19-2017, 08:25 AM - Forum: Names to remember - Replies (2)

Vennie Scott Thompson
Poster named "Obsessor" turned suspect over to Ramsey Investigators
Then posted about it on the Boulder News Forum

Quote:NOTE FROM CANDYROSE: On November 13, 1998, the "Obsessor" screen name logon on the Boulder News Forum was actually being "shared" by two people when the thread titled, "Breakthrough" was first created to announce the suspicions regarding Vennie Scott Thompson.

Apparently both "L Flowers" (LF) and "JayD" (Obsessor) were together in Boulder, Colorado using the same computer that day and although both of them had the suspicions, it was actually "L.Flowers" who was actually making the postings on the forum but was using the "Obsessor" screen name. But there was some confussion because at times it appeared that it was L.Flowers posting and other times it was JayD posting.

L.Flowers said she didn't have an account setup herself on the forum at that time and that is why she was using the "Obsessor" screen name. Once she set up her own account then her own logon was "lflowers" and once she began posting under her own logon then "JayD" began using his own logon again. So some of the more radical postings between JayD (Using the Obsessor logon) and Lance Matthews were in fact JayD and Matthews and not L.Flowers.


01. Vennie Scott Thompson said, "I was in jail from 12/11/96 until 1/19/98.
02. Thompson: "That puts me out of the picture for the JonBenet Ramsey killing
03. Thompson: "That puts me out of the picture for the Susannah Chase killing"


Quote:[Image: BoulderNewsForumBanner.jpg]1998-11-13: Boulder News Forum thread, "Breakthrough"

obsessor - 06:26pm Nov 13, 1998 MST

(copy of letter sent 11/13/98 to ramsey case investigators)

To whom it may concern (Boulder police detectives, Jennifer Geddes, FBI, etc., Ramsey family)
It is our belief that you presently have the killer of JonBenet Ramsey incarcerated in Boulder City Jail.

One of the sex offenders who is incarcerated on a "Peeping Tom" offense now is named in the today's Colorado Daily newspaper article as Vennie Scott Thompson. My friend and I believe very strongly that because of this man's discussion of the extortion kidnapping plot in fall or early winter 1996 (before the Ramsey killing), he may be the murderer of JonBenet.

Previously I discussed with Lou Smit and investigators working with the Ramsey family the possibility that a "Finnie" Thompson (first name was uncertain but sounded like "Finnie") was the killer of JonBenet. The reason for this suspicion is as follows:

My contact stated that in late 1996 he was visiting with "Finnie" Thompson, who was planning to kidnap a small child for ransom money (extortion attempt). "Finnie" Thompson was seeking an accomplice to do the kidnapping. He worked at Burger King in Boulder and told my contact repeatedly how intensely he hated the little children who came into the restaurant. "Finnie" also had been jailed in Boulder for "Peeping Tom" offenses and for that reason he was hated by the women who had encountered him at Penny Lane Coffeehouse in Boulder. He told my contact that he was all set to come into a very large amount of money very soon. My contact stated that "Finnie" had the attitude of someone who was trying to solve all of his problems at once by doing a crime. However, at the time my contact did not take "Finnie" seriously and thought it was just insane raving.

In August 1997 I first learned about "Finnie"s ransom plot and immediately informed Lou Smit and the Ramsey family detectives.

About a week ago I wrote to you and said that I believed that James Michael Thompson (a.k.a. J.T. Colfax) had been confused with "Finnie Thompson and that there may be two different people with similar names. This was confirmed today when my friend noticed a newspaper article in the Colorado Daily about sex offenders in Boulder.

One of the sex offenders who is incarcerated on a "Peeping Tom" offense now is named in the newspaper article as Vennie Scott Thompson. My friend and I believe very strongly that because of this man's discussion of the extortion kidnapping plot in fall or early winter 1996 (before the Ramsey killing), he may be the murderer of JonBenet.

My original contact refuses to come forward with this information about "Finnie" or Vennie Thompson. However we believe that our source is a very honest person and did not make this story up.

The employment records at Burger King where "Finnie" or Vennie Thompson worked are no longer available because they were removed from the Burger King offices soon after the JonBenet murder.

Please let me know if you have received this email and tell me what action is taken in response to it.

Thank you very much.
(end of quoted letter)

obsessor - 06:52pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#4 of 21)

nothing has yet been done with this info as far as i know. i have pressured Boulder police and Ramsey family investigators repeatedly on this, but previously did not know the precise name of Vennie Scott Thompson, only knew an appoximate pronunciation such as "Finnie". I told them he worked at Burger King in Boulder, therefore he should have been traceable by that clue. However to my knowledge no one ever followed up on this lead thoroughly. There was certainly some name confusion with J.T. Colfax (James Michael Thompson) the corpse artist, but that confusion is now cleared up.

v2000 - 07:18pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#8 of 21)

Would you care to clue us in on who your contact is, how your contact got the information, who wrote the letter, what the author's (and your) relationship to the case is, and how the author met Lou Smit?

obsessor - 07:27pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#9 of 21)

"Would you care to clue us in on who your contact is" [my contact refuses to come forward],"how your contact got the information" [in an informal social situation at my contact's home],"who wrote the letter" [me], "what the author's (and your) relationship to the case is" [my relationship to the case occurred because my contact approached me in August 1997 and revealed this apparent lead to me voluntarily. my contact and his friend both knew that i was interested in this case out of concern for the family and the community, etc.], "and how the author met Lou Smit?"

obsessor - 07:34pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#12 of 21)

the letter i refer to is the letter posted above on this discussion board (!) My contact spoke with a man he called "Finnie" Thompson at his home in late 1996. The man "Finnie" is the same person (we believe) as Vennie Scott Thompson. If this can be verified then we know that Vennie was planning a kidnapping in late 1996 because he was seeking co-conspirators. My contact just considered Vennie to be talking nonsense. My contact's friend knew Vennie had been previously found in a "Peeping Tom" offense in Boulder. The two talked and came to the conclusion that Vennie might be linked to the Ramsey murder because he was going around at night as a Peeping Tom and actually may have been planning (said he was planning) a ransom/extortion/kidnapping of a small child, and often raved about how much he detested children.Of course,we do not know whether Vennie Thompson is the killer or not; but at any rate it is a lead,and it is a lead that,in good conscience,needs to be investigated.

obsessor - 07:37pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#15 of 21)

fact is, the Burger King manager in Boulder told my friend that the personnel files for this man were mysteriously missing from the office paper files. Perhaps something is in the Burger King Computer somewhere detailing this fellow's work in Boulder Burger King?

obsessor - 07:51pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#21 of 29)

you can use exxon222@hotmail.com

already wrote to jtcolfax on his website and told him about this seeming identity confusion problem. i had been thinking colfax still was a suspect, but now think that this was partly a case of confused identity because of same last name Thompson. JT Colfax still seems odd but possibly just good at implicating himself.

obsessor - 07:59pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#24 of 29)

According to newspaper report in Colorado Daily today, Vennie Scott Thompson wrote a note to the woman he was convicted of Peep-Tomming on. The note may provide a handwriting sample, or police may be able to get other handwriting samples from Vennie's past to see if they implicate him in (or exonerate him from) the Ramsey murder.

obsessor - 08:12pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#37 of 44)

I am writing under my friend's handle ("Obsessor") because I do not yet have an identity/password of my own.I can assure Ruthee that she is NOT conversing with a police officer,nor is this a lesser kind of "publicity stunt" What we are trying to do is bring a child killer to justice.We are not here for purposes of idle entertainment.Also..."Beanie" appears to me to be a raving idiot.If you insist on being macabre,at least do it with the kind of witticism and ingenuity that Colfax has done it with. L Flowers

obsessor - 08:13pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#38 of 44)

there are 2 people using the obsessor handle right now, due to time lag in signup. my friend here knew Vennie as Finnie, but only was slightly acquainted. We searced for "Finnie" for some time, but his real name according to Colorado Daily is Vennie. We all know typos happen. The name was previously known only in casual conversation not in perfect written English.

obsessor - 08:56pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#83 of 83)

don't like the use of unnamed sources but the guy gave me the info on the condition that he not be named to the authorities. that's where it stands now. no emails have appeared from police ravenously hungry for clues. same as in 97 when i first informed ramseyfamily and Lou Smit about this. It was basically ignored. They are dealing with lots of leads and this was just one more. Since no one who talked with thomp would come forward they did not even go get a burger at burger king apparentment.

obsessor - 09:01pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#88 of 94)

[i]"Lazarus: I cannot give her name out in good conscience.If you happen to know Lance yourself,ask him.It is not my intention to disclose any information about Lance or my friend that is not already known to the public."

In answer to your question: I remember Vennie Thompson as tall,w greyish black hair and a deceptively benevolent demeanor.He usually wore a baseball cap and could be found at Penny Lane coffeehouse in the early mornings ( 6 a.m. ish)where I would often encounter him in the late winter and early spring of 1996.At that time I worked the graveyard shift,and would usually drop by to have coffee before going home.That's about all the information on V.T. I personally can give you; the rest,of course,is speculative. LF


obsessor - 09:15pm Nov 13, 1998 MST (#99 of 99)

I contacted the Ramsey investigators. Jennifer Geddes, I believe her name is, turned out to be a very overworked law student. She didn't have time to come to Boulder to talk with me, and it was hard for her to find time in her schedule if I was to go to Denver. She did not investigate the Burger King angle as far as I know; nor did Lou Smit as far as I know.

Quote:[Image: BoulderNewsForumBanner.jpg]1998-11-14: Boulder News Forum thread, "Obsessors" friend and affiliate"

auntiebj - 01:57pm Nov 15, 1998 MST (#20 of 24)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Lflowers, it is nice to see you now under your own idenity. Sorry about all the flack you got the other night. There are some posters who enjoy using multiple hats and creating havic out on the boards and that is who most people thought you were. But I am confussed about something. Was it you or the "other" obsessor Hat identity that has the "source" that will not come forward about this "Vinnie" guy? I know you are asking about it here so I am thinking it was you. If it is you then did the other obsessor person know about this too?

lflowers - 02:35pm Nov 15, 1998 MST (#21 of 24)

to auntie bj: Just returned to the computer lab and got your message...in answer to your inquiry, It was the other "obsessor" who was told by contact X about Vennie Thompson's possible involvement in the murder.At the time contact X came forward with this information,I was living in Asheville,N.C.,and was informed of the new developements via telephone.

I did not write the posted letter adressed to Ramsey family investigators,although I did agree,for the sake of a thorough investigation,that posting it was a good idea.

lflowers - 02:50pm Nov 15, 1998 MST (#22 of 24)

In case anyone's interested,the following excerpt is taken from the Nov 13-15 weekend edition of the "Colorado Daily":

Title of article: "Sex assault examined"

".....A jury found Vennie Scott Thompson,40,guilty of the charges against him August 19.Thompson was charged with attempted third degree sex assault and first degree criminal trespass.Thompson had been watching his victim through her window.When the woman would move to call the police,she said,Thompson would run away,then stop and kneel as if in prayer.He once got on the balcony of her Boulder home to leave her a note.According to police reports,part of the note read,'He waits at least a week between blessings,lest she become annoyed with his prayers and destroys him as is her right'"

lflowers - 12:42pm Nov 16, 1998 MST (#31 of 31)

hi,auntie bj...in answer to your question.....I have known "Obsessor" since early 1995,when I met him through mutual friends in the Boulder "poetry" scene (if it can be called that in respect to good literature,which it cant).Contact X,who,again,had often encountered V Thompson at Penny Lane coffeehouse in Boulder,states that the aforementioned was brought over to his residence by a mutual aquaintance (name not disclosed),and that,while "visiting", Thompson exhibited bizarre,inexplicable,and restless behavior;and that he talked repeatedly about coming into a large amount of money in the near future and about kidnapping a Boulder child for ransom.Then,allegedly,(as has been stated) he attempted to enlist contact X's help as an accomplice.

Of course, I have no hard proof of this;but I do happen to be aquainted with contact X myself,and I can say with conviction that,knowing the content of his character,I do not believe he would make this up.Contact X is a quiet,gracious,considerate man who is not given to verbal embellishments or theatrics of any kind.He is known around Penny Lane coffeehouse and among friends and associates as a gentle,good hearted,and compassionate induvidual.He would have absolutely no motive in concocting this story.

obsessor - 05:09pm Nov 16, 1998 MST (#34 of 35) Contact X is a good listener. He listened to the ravings of the guest, and then forgot about it all for several months, until Aug. '97 when another friend discussed the guest and the topic came up. Putting the kidnapping plot together with rumors about Peeping Tom arrest, they put their heads together and realized they should relay all this info to authorities. They knew I was obsessed with solving the case and told me all the details when I chanced upon them at Penny Lane. I contacted authorities and Ramsey family investigator Jennifer Geddes, an overworked law student in Denver. No one followed up on this lead completely as far as I know. In addition, I believe that there was genuine confusion between the two Thompsons prior to a few days ago when VT's name appeared in the paper and was noticed almost by chance by the very observant LF.

Quote:[Image: BoulderNewsForumBanner.jpg]1998-11-24: Boulder News Forum thread, "Just ask Vennie Scott Thompson...I did!"

Just ask Vennie Scott Thompson...I did!
matthews - 06:21pm Nov 24, 1998 MST

I was wondering what Vennie had to say about all these accusations....so I asked him. This came in the mail today

He answered a lot of questions and it was a really interesting letter. It told me for sure things that make me look at him in a new light when wondering whether or not to consider him a suspect....I will post when I can...am busy scanning someone else's letter right now.

Incidentally, LOU SMIT has contacted, "Obsessor" twice. The first e-mail, a brief message thanking Obsessor for posting the Vennie Thompson info on the web, was seen by L Flowers with her own eyes. The second, which Obsessor described to LF in detail, involved Smit contacting him a SECOND time and asking for permission to forward Obsessor's messages about Vennie Thompson to the BPD. (I thought Smit was court ordered to stay out of this thing?....O.J. had a loose glove; the Ramsey's have a LOUSMIT!)

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  Running man - not supported by the evidence
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-19-2017, 08:07 AM - Forum: Names to remember - No Replies

FROM: Jay D.
EMAIL: jcfdillon@hotmail.com
DATE: Sunday January 26, 1997

Please go to the general bulletin board for this BoulderNews website and look at La Cosa Nostra connections thread.

The 911 call during the Xmas party may have been a test by someone at the party or in a van/car outside the home, testing to see the exact response time needed by police for a 911 call. This person would be someone who would know very well that the police would respond to any 911 even if an incompleted call. They then timed the exact response time. Purpose: The killer knew that if and when Ramseys phoned 911 for police, then he would have a certain amount of time to torture/kill the child and leave the house. If killer knew exact time, he could then figure out the exact method of torturing/killing with just enough time to do this in the basement room and get away with the horrible crime with just enough time.

According to eyewitness a Running Man was seen leaving scene of crime. Tall and slender. It appears that perhaps the man may have run out of time. Knew exactly the number of seconds remaining before the police car would arrive, and had to resort to running even though this would attract attention. Carried out all details of the threatened killing method, but perhaps went even further overboard into the sexual crimes, knowing he had just enough time to add this further humiliation to the victim and family.

Sounds like a revenge killing. Killer may have known John Ramsey well enough from Access Graphics to understand that the sexual violation would be severely agonizing as a form of humiliation of the child and family. Also may have known John Ramsey well enough to know that John Ramsey would IMMEDIATELY call police in violation of attempted kidnapper's demands. The kidnapper made the threatened sanctions so horrible specifically in the hopes that John Ramsey would comply with the ransom. He hoped also that the modest ransom demand would also keep John Ramsey from calling police. But when, as feared, these aspects did not prevent the 911 call, the extortionist was "forced" by his personal code of "ethics" to carry out the promised threat in the ransom note, and to do so exactly as stated in that note so that John Ramsey would feel the full weight of the retaliation that had been taken out on his daughter. There was a getaway car/van or whatever, and this van would leave the scene of the crime at a specified time. These kidnappers were highly disciplined and if the actual assailant in the house did not return to the van or car as planned, then the assailant would have been left behind. Thus, the whole thing was timed down to the last second. The man had to run away from the house to make it to the car in just the right amount of time to be whisked away and prevent being intercepted by police.

(just a theory)
Jay D.

FROM: Texas 3
DATE: Sunday January 26, 1997

I am still lost having missed a "Day in the Threads" Where did the Running Man information come from?

FROM: Longhorn
EMAIL: 4:15cst
DATE: Sunday January 26, 1997

JayD.: please don't misread me, I mean no attack, just want to know where that bb is and until we can find another source(no offense intended) it's hard to accept a "running man" and a "witness" that suddenly shows up in the conversation. Agreed, options should remain open and each is entitled to pursue what they want. Just didn't want something reported as fact if it can't be confirmed. A theory is a different thing, no slam intended

FROM: Jay D.
EMAIL: jcfdillon@hotmail.com
DATE: Sunday January 26, 1997

Roommate's co-worker said he heard a woman on a talk radio show. Woman stated she saw man running from crime scene on Dec. 26. Tall and slender. Woman stated she informed police of seeing this man running from scene of crime. Woman stated that police did not interview her at all about her eyewitness report. That's all I know so far about "Running Man." Will try to get more specific info as soon as possible.

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  Robert LaPlante
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-19-2017, 07:56 AM - Forum: Names to remember - No Replies

Robert E. Laplante

Reportedly charged with Child Pornography
Collected Barbie Dolls and Newspaper clippings of JonBenet


Quote:2004-02-17: Yarmouth man faces 3 child-porn counts

(Published: February 17, 2004)
Yarmouth man faces 3 child-porn counts
Girl says the suspect photographed her in the nude, police allege.

SOUTH YARMOUTH - A 45-year-old South Yarmouth man will be arraigned on three counts of child pornography after police alleged he photographed a young girl in his home and kept thousands of sexually explicit photographs.

Police say Robert Laplante had thousands of sexually explicit photos and a cache of dolls and toys in his home.

Robert E. Laplante is to appear this morning in Barnstable District Court.

The police investigation began Friday morning when a school psychologist notified Yarmouth police that a female student had reported being photographed in the nude.

Yarmouth Police Detective John K. Fallon, a sexual assault investigator, Officer Louis Nickinello and Investigator Matthew Fleischmann conducted the investigation that led to a search of Laplante's residence at 18 Wampanoag Road Friday night.

Police discovered thousands of photographs of young females, said Yarmouth Police Lt. Stephen G. Xiarhos. Police also seized videotapes, cameras and several computers.

Laplante was charged with:

Possession of visual materials of child sexual conduct.

Enticement of a child under 16.

Posing a child in the nude.

In addition to the photos, police also found a cache of children's toys, including dozens of Barbie dolls, inside Laplante's home, Xiarhos said. Laplante also had a collection of newspaper clippings of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6- year-old Colorado girl who was found murdered in her home on Christmas night 1996.

A police photo shows a variety of dolls, including life-size mannequins, seized from Robert Laplante's South Yarmouth home.

Police also found weapons in his house, including various homemade knives and swords.

"What we found in his house was very, very disturbing," Xiarhos added.

Xiarhos said the FBI was contacted and is assisting in the investigation.

Xiarhos said the girl who reported being photographed is under the age of 16, and that Laplante, who works at several area motels, became friendly with both her and her parents.

Xiarhos said police believe Laplante offered money or gifts to the girl to coax her into posing for the pictures.

"She is very young. I don't think she realized what he was really doing," he said.

Xiarhos said investigators had worked through only a tenth of the thousands of photos but had not identified any other local students among them.

Police are legally prohibited from releasing information about Laplante's past, including any prior convictions, but Xiarhos said Laplante had never been arrested for or convicted of this type of crime.

Xiarhos said Laplante has lived in Yarmouth for the last two years, but that police were investigating Laplante's past addresses.

In an effort to find any other local victims, Yarmouth police are asking that anyone who knows Laplante or may have seen him call Detective John K. Fallon at 508-775-0445, ext. 118.

Quote:2004-02-18: Cape man denies child pornography allegations

http://www.boston.com/news/local/ massachusetts/articles/2004/02/18/cape_man_denies_child_pornography_allegations/
Cape man denies child pornography allegations
By Jack Encarnacao Jr., Globe Correspondent, 2/18/2004

Robert Laplante of South Yarmouth pleaded not guilty yesterday to multiple child pornography charges in Barnstable District Court, Assistant District Attorney Brian Glenny said.

Laplante is accused of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, five counts of posing a child nude, enticing a child under 16 to pose nude, and four counts of possessing child pornography.

Laplante, 45, who was ordered held on $250,000 cash bail, was arrested Friday night after a school psychologist notified Yarmouth police that an underage girl had reported being photographed nude by him.

Police obtained a search warrant for Laplante's Wampanoag Road home and arrested him prior to searching the premises.

Yarmouth Police Lieutenant Steven Xiarhos said officers discovered "hundreds and hundreds of items" of sexual paraphernalia and weapons in Laplante's home.

Xiarhos said that, in addition to machetes and swords, police found videos and photos of nude female children, as well as newspaper clippings of JonBenet Ramsey, a child beauty queen from Colorado whose 1996 murder case received national media attention. Dolls and child-size mannequins were also found in the home, police said.

The five counts of posing a child in the nude referred to five individuals with whom Laplante was involved, police said, and the four counts of possessing child pornography refer to four media types in which the material was stored: videotape, digital and Polaroid photos, and digital video files, they said.

"It's fortunate to say we don't run into this a lot on the Cape," Glenny said. "We'll need to see where we end up." Glenny said police still have to go through a "significant amount of material" before the full breadth of charges and sentences against Laplante can be established.

"It's going to be a massive task," Xiarhos said.

Quote:2004-02-18: Laplante had applied to be a foster parent

Laplante had applied to be a foster parent:

Cape Cod man arrested on child porn charges had applied to be foster parent
Feb 18, 05:04

(Yarmouth-AP) -- A Cape Cod man is behind bars today while police sort through hundreds of pornographic images and other items allegedly found in his home.

Robert Laplante of Yarmouth was ordered held on a quarter of a (m) million dollars bail after pleading innocent yesterday to a number of charges, including possession of child pornography and indecent assault and battery on a child under 14.

Police arrested Laplante after a young girl reported that she had been photographed in the nude by the 45-year-old maintenance worker.

The Boston Herald reports that Laplante -- a Worcester native who has lived in Yarmouth for about two years -- twice applied to be a foster parent along with his wife. The Department of Social Services says the couple was turned down for reasons that are unclear.

Inside Laplante's home, police also allegedly found dozens of Barbie dolls and a collection of newspaper clippings about JonBenet Ramsey, the six-year-old Colorado girl who was murdered in 1996.

Quote:2004-05-21: A grand jury charges Robert Laplante of West Yarmouth

1. Over 300 child-porn charges leveled (May 21, 2004)
http://www.capecodonline.com/cctimes/over30021.htm - [Cached]
Published on: 5/21/2004 Last Visited: 5/21/2004

A grand jury charges Robert Laplante of West Yarmouth with offenses involving nine children.
Robert Laplante
Robert Laplante, 45, of West Yarmouth was indicted on multiple counts of posing, photographing and videotaping children nude or in sexually explicit positions. He is also charged with molesting a young girl.

Specifically, he is charged with:

244 counts of possession of child pornography.
Laplante has been held on $250,000 bail since his arrest by Yarmouth police in February. He will be arraigned on these charges at a later date in Barnstable Superior Court. Prior to his arrest he worked as a hotel maintenance worker.

Other recent cases

There are differences between the case of accused child pornographer Robert Laplante and two other Barnstable County men who recently pleaded guilty to related crimes.
Assistant District Attorney Brian Glenny said yesterday the difference is between possessing and disseminating pornography and actually creating it, as Laplante is accused of doing.
Laplante came to the attention of police this winter after the parents of an elementary school student notified the school psychologist their daughter had been photographed in the nude by an acquaintance.
The search warrant filed in February alleges money entered the equation when the little girl asked Laplante to take her to Ryan's Family Amusement.

He allegedly bargained with the child - he would give her money in exchange for posing in bathing suits.

Bathing suit pictures Laplante frequently photographed and videotaped the victim posing on his bed in a bathing suit, police said. The documents indicate Laplante would provide the girl with the bathing suits then leave the room while she changed. However, according to police, during Laplante's absence, a video camera in the bedroom remained operating. The victim was unaware of this, according to the charges issued by the grand jury yesterday.

The victim told police that Laplante loaded some of those images onto a computer in the bedroom, according to the documents.

Laplante paid her as much as $13.50 for those pictures on at least four or five different occasions, records show.

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  what BORG hears
Posted by: jameson245 - 03-19-2017, 12:33 AM - Forum: 911 call - Replies (4)

I posted the following on Monday Feb 20

"At the end of the 911 call John Ramsey is heard barking to Burke "We're not speaking to you". It is stated in a clear parent-to-child tone, with venom and contempt."

This is just one example of what BORG hears when they listen to the tape.

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  Quick info about the Duct tape
Posted by: Summer Dawn - 03-18-2017, 11:28 AM - Forum: Duck Tape - Replies (15)

  • The duct tape was black, a point John Ramsey makes repeatedly. At one point he states "it was like black. It wasn't electrical tape. It was kind of white, black, unusual tape, I thought." It appears that "wide" may have been incorrectly transcribed as "white" in this statement since there are repeated other instances in which he refers to the tape as black. Crime scene photos make the tape appear gray, but this may be due to a reflection of light off the black tape  John  also several times notes the smooth edges of the tape, asserting that it has been cut with a knife and NOT torn by hand as one might normally do with duct tape. Note the Carnes opinion below indicates both ends were torn.John  reported the tape adhered all the way to JonBenet's mouth, i.e., it was not just loose on her lips. The tape is described as wider than electrical tape but not as wide as duct tape; JR appears quite certain on this point. He had previously used tape of a similar size that was white for sailing, but had never seen that type of tape in black previously. Note the Carnes opinion below indicates it was duct tape despite John's insistence it was not that wide (in the interviews, John is surprised by how wide the tape appears in crime-scene photos since it does not square his recollection).
Carnes Opinion
  • ******Lip Prints on Tape. Plaintiff also notes that the strip of duct tape found on JonBenet's mouth had a bloody mucous on it and a "perfect set of child's lip prints, which did not indicate a tongue impression or resistance." (PSDMF 53.)(Carnes 2003:15).*******Both Ends Torn. "Both ends of the duct tape found on her were torn, indicating that it came from a roll of tape that had been used before. (SMF P 171; PSMF P 171.) (Carnes 2003:18).*******Animal Hair. "Animal hair, alleged to be from a beaver, was found on the duct tape. (SMF 183; PSMF 183.) Yet, nothing in defendants' home matches the hair (SMF 183; PSMF 183.), thereby suggesting either that the duct tape had been obtained from outside the home or that it had been carried outside the home at some point." (Carnes 2003:71).
FBI Findings
  • Date Manufactured. "The FBI had determined that the tape .... had first been manufactured in November 1996 under the brand name Suretape. The tape had a 40 percent calcium filler in the adhesive, and its yarn/scrim count of 20/10 helped pinpoint that Bron was the tape’s distributor" (Schiller).
Source of Tape
  • Not Sourced to Ramseys. "The black duct tape used on JonBenet's  mouth has also not been sourced to defendants. (SMF P 170; PSMF P 170.)...No similar duct tape was found in the house, nor is there evidence that defendants ever used or owned such duct tape. (SMF P 172; PSMF P 172.)" (Carnes 2003:18).Not From Picture Frame. "BPD detective Byfield had located two paintings in the home, one of which was hung in JonBenet's bedroom, that had black tape attached to the rear of the frames. There was no match with the strip of tape found in the windowless room, however. It was later determined that Better Light Photography Studio had placed these pieces of tape on the frames in 1993" (Schiller)

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  John and Patsy on nightgown
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BARBARA WALTERS: When JonBenet's body was found there was one of her favorite nightgown's next to her. Her so-called Barbie nightgown.


BARBARA WALTERS: And so there was the impression that whoever did this cared about this child. Left the nightgown. Left the blanket.


BARBARA WALTERS: Again. Oh her parents did it but they, they loved her so they tried to comfort her even in death.

JOHN RAMSEY: That's a very strange… that nightgown should not have been there. It's it's a clue of some type. We don't know what. Look, we know several very positive facts about this killer we believe. It's a male. (PAUSE) It's a pedophile that looks at young… female children much differently than you and I do. They look at 'em with sexual uh eyes. I thought about it every day for 3 years. I've talked to experts. I've talked to experienced homicide detectives. (LONG PAUSE) It's the best profile we can come up with.

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  DNA and fibers?
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I am looking for reports on the evidence found on the black duct tape.  Reading the official records on the DNA, I find the tape was sent to BODE labs and they determined the tape was "not suitable for testing" at their lab.  So no DNA tests were done on the tape at that lab.

I believe later the stain was determined to be JonBenet's saliva.

Looking for details on what fibers were on the tape.

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  Heart in hand
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