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her bed - jameson245 - 09-15-2018


There were no stains on the bed indicating JonBenét had wet the bed.  

Steve Thomas lied about that in his book.

RE: her bed - jameson245 - 09-15-2018

TT: Okay. Patsy, let me take one step back. Um, you pulled the coverings on JonBenet’s bed. Nedra talked about that half of the house is real warm or something. . .
PR: Yeah.
TT: . . .since you guys go the uh, remodel done?
PR: Yeah, right.
TT: What kind of covering, what are the bed sheets or blankets, what kind of covering does JonBenet normally have on her bed?
PR: Um, a fitted sheet . . .
TT: Um hum.
PR: . . .and a flat sheet and then a cotton blanket and then a bed spread.
TT: And is that what she had on the night of the 25th when she went to bed. When you pulled back all the sheets and stuff. Is that the uh, she had a couple of sheets, fitted sheets, flat sheets, this light blanket . . .
PR: Right.
TT: . . .and then the heavy kind of quilted. . .
PR: Well, right, um hum. I usually turn the bed spread down.
TT: Um hum.
PR: (Inaudible) didn’t have that on her because it’s hot.
TT: She doesn’t use the bed spread, right?
PR: Right.
TT: Okay. (Inaudible) follows with what Nedra was talking about.
PR: Yeah, it’s very warm in that part of the house.
TT: (Inaudible) Um, do you remember the type of sheets she had on her bed that night? The print of them. The characters of them?
PR: Well, now she had a lot of different sheets, I don’t know exactly.
TT: Okay. (Inaudible)
PR: (Inaudible)
TT: Can you describe the blankets again is it, I take it a fairly light weight cotton blanket?
PR: Yeah, kind of a loose weave blanket.
TT: Okay. Okay. What I would like to do is show you a picture of a blanket, it’s got a scale and it’s a white blanket with what you describe as a loose weave and all that. It’s got a scale around the outside is all. Is this, does that kind of look like the blanket, there you go Pat, that was on her bed that night? And again, it’s uh, it’s folded up. Hard, kind of hard to see.
PR: Yeah. Yeah, it was probably, yeah.
TT: Does that look like the kind of blanket that was on her bed.
PR: Um hum.
TT: Or was that the blanket on her bed?
PR: I, it may have been, yeah. I can’t, I mean it sort of looks a little pinkish. It was . . .
TT: And, and that might be . . .
PR: It was white.
TT: . . .that might be the coloring of the picture.
PR: Yeah.
TT: Uh, because the colors are not very good.
PR: Right.
TT: It’s actually an all white blanket.
PR: Is it? Um hum.
TT: The colors are kind of deceiving on that.
PR: Yeah. It, it could have been.
TT: Okay. And um, is it a, she sleeps in a twin bed right?
PR: Right.
TT: Is the blanket a twin bed blanket or is it oversized, um. . .
PR: Um, that was a twin.
TT: It was a twin size blanket also.
PR: Yeah, it was pretty generous twin.
TT: Generous?
PR: Well, it was pretty . . .
TT: It was bigger.
PR: Bigger, uh huh, yeah.
TT: Did it hang down (inaudible) to the floor on each side, but it went down the side of the bed quite a ways?
PR: Yeah.
TT: Okay. Okay. And, uh, Nedra also talked about, and correct me if I’m wrong Steve, did you guys have a similar type of blanket up on your bed?
PR: Uh, I think so.
TT: Only and obviously different size.
PR: Yeah, I think we did.
TT: Okay. Alrighty.
PR: I think we did yeah.

RE: her bed - jameson245 - 09-16-2018

TT: OK. Do you ever remember, ah, JonBenet was she able to get up in the middle of the night, if she’d wet herself, change her clothes. Did she have any problems changing clothes in the middle of the night?
PR: Huh-uh.
TT: OK. And that’s they got dropped on the bathroom floor, (inaudible), jump into bed and be gone for the night.
PR: Yeah.
TT: Anybody else ever sleep in JonBenet’s room?
PR: My mother slept in there.
TT: Slept in that, she slept in that part that…
PR: Right, towards the window.
TT: Against the window. OK.
PR: And, I think when we gone in the summer time, John Andrew had (inaudible) out and slept in there, and one of his friends slept in there before. I have slept in there if she was sick or something. I have slept in there.
TT: Who was some of John Andrew’s friends that have slept in that bedroom?
PR: I think Erin.
TT: From Atlanta.
PR: Yeah.
TT: Erin female?
PR: Erin’s a girl, yeah, uh-huh. She slept in there, and I think one of his friends from college, I can’t remember his name.
TT: Brian Closey? Ben Pickup? One of the fraternity young men?
PR: No, I can’t remember his name. Ah, Brad, is there a Brad? He must be new. I may have been Brad. I don’t know exactly, I don’t remember. Buy John, that was John’s room there, the black and beige. So, typically, they would, if he had his friends or something, they’d sleep in JonBenet’s room when we were gone.
TT: Burke ever sleep over in her room at all? In the spare bed?
PR: A time or two.
TT: And she’d sleep in Burke’s room every once and a while too?
PR: Every once and while.

RE: her bed - jameson245 - 12-02-2019

Hard Copy: Tonight on Hardcopy - A bombshell in Boulder - a published report (Globe shown) puts JonBenét Ramsey in her parents own bed when the brutal attack began.
"JonBenét, who reportedly had a bedwetting problem, had an accident in her bed that night and went looking for her parents. What happened next? Here's what sources reportedly told the Globe.
Tony Frost: The most likely scenario is that JonBenet went up to her parents bedroom, wet and weepy, her frazzled mom completely lost it and battered her
Patsy: Oh, that is absolutely absurd.
John: I don't know that she wet her bed much, I don't even remember that.
Patsy: Well she had accidents but children do. It is so minuscule in the big picture. Does someone actually think I would kill my child because she wet the bed? I mean, I have lived through stage four cancer. In the grand scheme of things, bedwetting is not important.

from JonBenet's America