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Fleet and Priscilla White - jameson245 - 01-30-2017

The Ramseys had Christmas dinner at the Whites' house that Christmas day.  Their actions after the murder confused and amazed some of us.  I will start a sub-forum here just for questions we would like to ask them.

RE: Fleet and Priscilla White - Moop - 01-31-2017

Why have you never publicly stated that you believe the Ramsey's to be innocent? Do you believe they are guilty?

RE: Fleet and Priscilla White - Ann-G-Jo - 02-21-2017

Fleet, why did you return to the wine room and further disturb a crime scene after John discovered JonBenéts body? I'm sure that you knew better than that.. did you have a specific reason for it? We're you possibly involved somehow?

RE: Fleet and Priscilla White - jameson245 - 02-26-2017

Fleet White,
After 20 years you know very well how media can take your words and cut and splice and dice and twist and.... why would you be so upset about having your own words posted unedited? Better yet, why wouldn't you WANT your words made public, the truth out before memories fade and people die and the truth dies because ... because why, Fleet? Is it that you really don't care if JonBenet ever gets justice?