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her bed
Hard Copy: Tonight on Hardcopy - A bombshell in Boulder - a published report (Globe shown) puts JonBenét Ramsey in her parents own bed when the brutal attack began.
"JonBenét, who reportedly had a bedwetting problem, had an accident in her bed that night and went looking for her parents. What happened next? Here's what sources reportedly told the Globe.
Tony Frost: The most likely scenario is that JonBenet went up to her parents bedroom, wet and weepy, her frazzled mom completely lost it and battered her
Patsy: Oh, that is absolutely absurd.
John: I don't know that she wet her bed much, I don't even remember that.
Patsy: Well she had accidents but children do. It is so minuscule in the big picture. Does someone actually think I would kill my child because she wet the bed? I mean, I have lived through stage four cancer. In the grand scheme of things, bedwetting is not important.

from JonBenet's America

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