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Spraguestephens wrote
Quote:Spraguestephens wrote:

And do you really think he just wouldn't have walked out the front door with his prized possession in his arms? If it's a kidnapping you walk out the front door. If it's a sexual predator you walk out the front door. If it's a f*ck up you get the hell out asap. No psychological profile fits someone walking around the house for 3-4 hours with no fear of being caught. Period. There was no hurry to leave the house at any juncture.

If you get stunned-gunned at anytime, you wail and scream loud. Period.


And I responded:
There was a security system in the house and not easy to tell if it had been activated after the family got home. Safer to go out that broken basement window which was clearly not connected to security system.

JBR was 45 pounds, a hand over her mouth, pressed into her bedding, she would have been silenced.

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