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Subic Bay Training Center theory
John Ramsey was in the Navy and for a while he was stationed in the Philippines.  BORG gossip spoke of a plaque found in the Ramsey basement that commemorated his time there and suggested the sign off found on the note stood for SUBIC BAY TRAINING CENTER.

In truth, that is simply BORG bull.

I have a photo of the plaque - - it does NOT say anything about Subic Bay Training Center - not at all.  Truth be told, there never was any installation going by that name.

In the center of the plaque is some carving and then a ring around that - a ring of words surround the ring.  On the top it says, "U.S. NAVY PUBLIC WORKS CENTER".  And on the bottom, upright so it can be easily read, it says "SUBIC BAY PHILIPPINES"  Stars divide the two notations.

Simply put, SBTC does not stand for Subic Bay Training Center as suggested by BORG.  The plaque they pointto does not exist.

Nothing says it was ever called a Training Center - and I remember doing a search for those initials in 1997 and all we found was Southern Bell Telephone Company or something like that.
pg 65 - - Steve Thomas made it clear in his book - and was honest - - the plaque some claimed said Subic Bay Training Center did NOT have those words on it. Subic Bay was a place - - there was no training center there.

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