A few quotes to note
From Schiller's book - paperback page 74

On Monday, December 30, before the Whites and Fernies left Boulder for JonBenet's funeral in Atlanta, Linda Arndt interviewed Fleet White again.
White believed that an intruder had gotten into the Ramsey's house.  "Someone got into that house," he told Arndt.  "I don't know how but they got in.  Somebody wanted to hurt that family and obviously hurt their daughter."  White suggested that perhaps some beauty pageant mothers might have resented the Ramseys.  A few hours later, Arndt and Detective Jane Harmer met with Fleet White again.
Page 94 -

Late in the afternoon of January 1, Detectives Larry Mason, Steve Thomas, Tom Trujillo, Ron Gosage, and Jane Harmer left Boulder for Atlanta, where they had arranged to work out of the Roswell Police Department. The detectives had learned about Fleet White's heated arguments with John Ramsey ((((NOTE - IN DEPOSITIONS NEITHER JOHN RAMSEY NOR FLEET WHILE SAY THERE WAS ANY SUCH HEATED DISCUSSION)))) and they were shocked by the Ramseys' CNN interview.


The next morning, January 2, at 8:30 am...… Detectives Harmer and Trujillo interviewed Fleet and Priscilla in their Atlanta hotel room. White now seemed to be replaying in his head everything he's seen and experienced on December 26. Pacing, White told the officer he was confused and wondered why he hadn't seen JonBenét's body in the wine cellar when he looked in earlier that morning and Ramsey had seen it hours later.
page 103 -
Arndt asked if she and Detective Harmer could interview the Whites' children, Daphne, six, and Fleet Jr., seven. The Whites agreed and the interviews were held a few days later.


Whites were asked to give blood, hair, saliva, and handwriting samples, which they willingly provided. The Whites would soon become the most cooperative witnesses. Some detectives believed they might unknowingly hold the answers to key questions. Over the next two months, the Whites would be interviewed eighteen times, often at their own request.
page 606-607

In the first week of February, Detectives Jane Harmer and Steve Thomas tried to patch up relations between Hunter's office and Fleet and Priscilla White. Thomas felt it was important to keep White happy since he was a material witness , and he also thought Hunter's office should not have let the situation deteriorate to the point of the Whites' campaigning for the DA's dismissal.
page 649

That same week, knowing that a grand jury was not too far off, Fleet White again requested copies of his police statements. This time Beckner decided that although White couldn't have them, he would be allowed to read them without taking notes.

Detectives Thomas and Harmer visited the Whites to tell them of Beckner's decision. White was furious. Again he said he should be afforded the same rights that John and Patsy had been given in April 1997, when they were given copies of their prior statements. Thomas said that Beckner was immovable and the decision was final. White then said that as of that moment, his cooperation with the police was over. As the detectives left, Pricilla White gave Jane Harmer a hug, and when Thomas reached for White's hand, he was surprised to see tears in his eyes. White hugged the detective, but Thomas was sure that White had meant what he said.
Following the book, it would appear that the activities are in order as posted here.

Quote from page 658

On Sunday, May 31, ……..  Thomas and Jane Harmer visited Fleet and Priscilla White. Here were two more people who, like it or not, had been pulled into a vortex from which there seemed no escape.
page 660

The crime and its aftermath had taken a heavy toll on everyone in the department. ……. Jane Harmer had been hospitalized once.....

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