posters' views of exculpatory evidence
Exculpatory Evidence - as I see it

Parents had no motive and no history of violence or mental illness that would suggest they were
capable or predisposed to do such a thing.

Evidence of intruder at basement window - leaves and "popcorn" dragged into house, glass on floor, suitcase moved as possible "step"

Ransom note - too long and clear to have been written in a panic AFTER the crime, I think it was
written before. I can explain why an intruder might,(wasting time while he waited for the family to
be down for the night)- but why a parent? Who would plan to kill their child and leave a note with
a body? In my theory, the note was a red herring, a "joke", by a very sick person like Ted Bundy
and Danny Rollins.

Ransom note - the handwriting doesn't match either parent. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being "no way", John is a 5 and Patsy a 4.5.

Stun gun was used - parents had no access to any stun gun, never had any interest in one.

Child taken to basement - if a parent wanted to abuse or punish a child, why go to the cluttered basement? Why not just use the bedroom?

Garotte - not a weapon used by parents

Cord - didn't match anything in the house, couldn't be linked to parents in any way.

Sexual Assault - no history of pedophilia in that house at all and when parents DO kill their
children, less than 1% sexually assault them

DNA found on her clothing, under her fingernails AND mixed with JonBenét's blood in her panties is unsourced to this day.... but has been used to clear suspects including the Whites, Helgoth, Olica, Wolf and her parents

Dark fibers on JonBenét's clothing and on her genitals doesn't match anything in the Ramsey house. Same with colored fibers on the tape.

Body was not left in "peaceful pose" as children usually are when killed by parents. She was left in a moldy room, on the floor, not "tucked in", the garotte remained n her neck, arms thrown over head.

Tape, part of staging, didn't match anything in the house - source roll never found, no one can link the tape to the parents.

Boot print and palm print in room with body don't match the Ramseys. Boots never found and no evidence the Ramseys ever bought a pair of Hi-Tek boots.

Ramseys cooperated with police - called them and gave them full control over the house, signed over 100 consent forms allowing the BPD to access private records, repeatedly allowed themselves to be interrogated - marathon type interrogations.

Character witnesses - No one can cite a time when the Ramseys were anything but loving parents.
Family, friends, the older children in particular - all defend the parents.(Exceptions being Judith
Thomas and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh who started out defending them then made THOUSANDS of
dollars by "switching sides" and selling information to the tabloids.)

Ramseys passed polygraphs given by some of the best men in the country - and the results have NOT been disputed by any authority -- they won't accept them but won't contest them either.

Judge Julie Carnes and DA Mary Keenan's public statements that say clearly that the evidence points toward an intruder, not a domestic situation.
All of the above along with house being easily accessible for intruder(s).

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