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Beware of this team - JMO
I worked with the production for a short time. My very limited NDA ended when the show aired in April 2019.

I was approached by Miguel Sancho and agreed to help when he made it clear they were not BORG but looking at intruder suspects.

He said it was too bad they couldn't get a family interview - they believed John Ramsey when he said there's be no more interviews after Dr. Phil. I contacted John, flew to Salt lake City, drove to Moab with Sancho and got them the interview. I gave the team a handful of leads, including Jim Benish and the Schonlau brothers.

Within weeks I realized that the team (as a team) was.... dishonest. They had agreed to certain things that they never intended to follow through on (and no, it had nothing to do with money or credit).

I found myself disrespected and bullied (by Miguel Sancho) when I refused to give them certain files. Veiled threats were made - if I didn't cooperate, my relationship with John Ramsey would be damaged. My feeling was that if my relationship with John was that weak, it was certainly not worth crossing my own moral code to save.

Advised to remember my place (housewife with bills v Producers with cash) I was fully expected to "cash in" selling certain files and contacts.  I remembered my place, my personal values, and I quit the project.

Called and asked about the group, I still encouraged others to participate. I did tell those people that I was no longer involved, but I did nothing to harm the project.

I did, and do, warn people to be careful when dealing with either Miguel Sancho and/or David Tomasini. If you make an agreement with them, get it in writing.  Make sure it is signed, witnessed and notarized.   

Their program aired, most of it focused on a suspect I wouldn't have followed for long.  (Clearly their priorities don't match my own.)  But they did clear a few suspects and for that I am pleased.    

The point is, while 95% of my dealings were with Sancho, I would look at this team with a measure of … distrust.  

(Miguel, I expect one day you will see this.  This note's for you.  I said I would keep certain things you said confidential and, unlike you, I keep my word.   My comments here are about working with you as a producer, period.  You should have kept your word.  Money won't buy everyone., but I guess you know that now.  And that yes book isn't so good.)
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How do you know if you can really trust someone?

If you need to ask that question, you probably already know the answer.
While the money would have been nice, the turbulence injected into my life wasn't worth a few thousand dollars. I slept on it and when I woke up I realized the passion for the project was, simply put, gone. The solution to the problem was simple - I was done.

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