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Cindy's GoFundMe
Lou's daughter, Cindy started a GoFundMe page and raised 39,000 to help go after suspects.  One comment on the page was interesting and I share it here.

Fran Sanders donated [b]$22[/b]

Lived in Boulder before Jon Benet murder. Very good friend was the Assistant to the Chief of Boulder Police Dept. My friend was did not like little girls only boys (she had a boy) She did not like my daugther. My daughter was a tough one so I had a boy too so necer said anything. I asked her one time in the time line how the Police were doing on the case. Her comment was "Jon Bonet was a little slut" and they (Police) felt it was the family and that was that. I could not believe her response but filed it in the "friend" remark. I was saddened by her comments but stayed friends with her for 15 years until another comment about my life that made me angry. This has stayed with me all these years. I do not want to be known but thought you would want to hear this.

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