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North Fox Island stuff -
I didn't get on the dark web once in my research. I haven't seen what Singular has seen. Yet I feel I have a greater picture of what occurred than him.
A lot is written about Starchild, Shelden, and Grossman. Starchild was a prolific writer.
I don't admit I have no receipts. other than that, yes, I do agree it sounds ridiculous. That being said, I believe that is intentional. Just as the satanic panic was used to cover very real instances of sexual assault, I believe the sheer strain of believability helps protect the network.
I'm not here to dog on John. I believe his suffering is real. I do not believe he felt he had a choice. sadly, I have come to believe that self preservation is the norm in most of humanity and do not find said choice to be the most wicked or evil thing imaginable. I've put myself in his shoes. I feel sorry for John.
I believe you are correct and have always felt the authorities were the MOST to blame for what happened, and if we are talking danger, their consistent attempts to protect image put the entire Boulder population in danger via a false sense of safety. Amy was something that happened as a direct result of the corruption of BPD. I do believe they tried scapegoating John to protect themselves.
Well, the evidence is there. Literally every piece of evidence in this case points in this direction. All of it.
First, let's look at the actual crime scene and see the parallels.
Why Jonbenet, why Christmas, what is the significance?
I believe the murder was an artistic recreation of the murder of Jill Robinson on Christmas night 1976, exactly 20 years to close to the hour (and my belief likely to the minute).
Jill Robinson was 12 years old and taken on a Wednesday. Jonbenet was found in size 12 underwear with the word Wednesday on it.
Jill Robinson was found in front of the Big Beaver Road exit sign off a highway in Troy. Jonbenet, peculiarly, was found with beaver hair in her hand.
Jill Robinson was found buried in a white blanket of snow, Jonbenet was found covered in a white blanket herself.
Stories about Jill reported about Xmas presents still being under the tree and her last time spent riding her bicycle. two elements of the Jonbenet Ramsey murder.
Only one other child killer case in history has a child being found with her favorite food in her stomach. This is a murder related to the network in question, the murder of Tim King.
Markings on Jonbenet's photograph match markings found on said materials relating to the network.
At the time the network had three hubs, Michigan, Colorado, and New York. Major scrutiny by federal authorities pushed Starchild to the Aspen property of Francis Shelden.
Other things virtually identical: pedophiles confessing to participation in the murders. memorabilia and shrines dedicated to victims being found in pedophiles homes. objects from the crimes passed from pedophile to pedophile.
Perhaps most interestingly is the ransom note itself features the names of all 4 occk kids. This is baffling.
Additionally, the Danto Letter is remarkably similar in construction to the Ransom note.
The Network exists, it's widespread, anyone who's taken the time to read the 200+ page report on the network released by federal authorities during the 70's (look up Gerald Richards Senate testimony) will see what they are looking at is a sophisticated network that not only never went down, but sadly and sickly enough spread globally thanks to Pedophile Information Exchange and Spartacus.
I'd recommend, for fun, searching Port Huron Cathy Broad North Fox Island to hear the story of a young girl released shortly before Jonbenet's death pertaining to the NFI ring which details the brutal murders that took place in creation of snuff involving prominent men and women of Michigan, including doctors and political figures.
To me the slam dunk is artwork that is virtually identical to artwork believed to be put on display by the occk network at crime scenes. This artwork has inspired many recreations, including most famously the Jonbenet tooth heart painting found in a random home in Maryland or some $+#&.
This artwork was found on display in the Ramsey basement and has never been sourced.
May I ask you this:
Why do you find my theory dangerous? I get why you may feel it's disgusting. I too find what happened disgusting. I'd think the idea was disgusting if I didn't believe it, too. For many years I too would have believed that this strains reality.
Of course, that was before dedicating years to researching this sort of travesty and seeing case example after case example.
I've done my research, but why is my research uniquely dangerous? Is it dangerous to you? Its only DANGEROUS if I'm right. There are a million crackpot theories, yet for years now every time I peak my head out of the turtle shell I get censored or shut down. Why is it more dangerous than the belief a 10 year old kid did it? Or that Patsy did it because she peed herself?
Again, it's only dangerous if I'm right. and if I'm right, well, I could give a rats behind whether the info I present is dangerous to people who actively support this wicked system. I'm not Muslim, but I do believe one thing: the murder of a child is as if one killed all of humanity. So if I'm right and what I state is dangerous, GOOD.
There are numerous underground videos pertaining to Jonbenet Ramsey. According to Singular, the dark web is host to some seriously depraved imagery and video involving the Ramsey children.
I did not see any of those particular tapes. I have zero interest in materials that are federally illegal to see. I did, however, see a video pertaining to her murder leading up to the actual murder.
The video I saw featured multiple elements, but most interesting to me is the handicam footage leading up to the Ramsey steps. Essentially, a couple individuals knock on the Ramsey door lightly. John answers it. They ask where she is, he says at the table. They ask him if they knew what they were there to do. He said yes.
Another part of it featured an interview with John Ramsey after the fact asking him if he felt guilty and he states "she was only 6" and goes on to act as if it's not a decision he regrets. He also talks about being caught watching the footage afterwards and his response was "it's hot." It is important to note this is a blackmail network which exists on the idea of gathering humiliating materials. This being said, whether John actually regrets it, saw the film afterwards, etc, is still unknown, because it could have just been things he was blackmailed to say.
There are other tapes pertaining to Ramsey. another one of importance is the Bill McReynolds tape. This shows a few important details, such as the fact his beard was fake, and that DNA gathered from Bill was plucked from his fake ass beard, not his head.
None of this stuff matters essentially. I cannot produce said tapes. if I did, I'd be dead tomorrow. This case is unsolved for a reason. There is a reason Kelkoa has received numerous responses from FBI about this case being an issue of national security.
I don't judge the Ramsey's based on behavior. I try not to judge period. The reality is that Evidence is what led me to the opinion I have: that John Ramsey willfully and knowingly handed his daughter over to be killed under blackmail.
I base this opinion on these reasons:
The absolutely ridiculous amount of parallels between the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey and a series of murders connected to a pedophile network that surrounded the Ramsey dynasty in the 70's.
Evidence that directly connects the murder of Jonbenet to the known blackmail network associated with the child porn cabal.
Evidence that directly connects Randy Simmons to the same network, found on photographs taken of Jonbenet Ramsey by Randall Simmons.
Not one but two confessions by two separate pedophiles claiming participation in said murders.
Memorabilia from the murders being passed from house to house across the country by known pedophiles including evidence (candy canes from front of house) taken directly from Boulder Police.
The massive amount of known high ups that had infiltrated Boulder in 1995-1996 leading up to Jonbenet Ramsey's murder, including Adam Starchild aka Malcolm McConahy, who was the financial manipulator for the pedophile network in question.
There is a lot more that leads me to my conclusion. I do find John's behavior to be domineering. That being said, i only consider one response from him strong evidence: His response to asking if the doors were locked. He got upset and angry, this is a known sign of something that sets someone off as an accusation. I don't think the average person would take such visceral offense to it, unless it struck a nerve. This is the predominant evidence i can share as to why i believe he opened the door to the home for them to come in.
Of course I've also watched the tape so what would I know.
 You want mainstream articles? can't give em to you. media won't touch this for the same reason it won't hint at what really happened in Atlanta: the network is considered an issue of national security.
James Dudley Ramsey was the head of Michigan Aeronautics during the 70's and would have personally surveyed North Fox Island, not to mention would have had to sign off on the project. North Fox Island is where little boys were flown to be abused by wealthy, powerful people stretching the country. Only one person was ever arrested in what was considered the largest child abuse organization in America at the time.
John Ramsey flew the same docks the boys were shipped from the same summer, at one point actually being talked to by investigators relating to a known NFI pilot Stephen Stanislaw, who also knew Ramsey's father.
Years later, Cathy Obrien would speak out about a sister operation that took place on Beaver Island involving little girls and naming John Ramsey as one of the people involved.
John Ramsey flew the same docks the boys were shipped from the same summer, at one point actually being talked to by investigators relating to a known NFI pilot Stephen Stanislaw, who also knew Ramsey's father.
Interestingly, I Googled this guy's name. His own daughter claims he was an admitted serial killer, and is under the impression that he was D.B. Cooper, the Zodiac Killer, and was responsible for the OCCK. He allegedly killed his father in 1981, and got locked away at a mental health facility - and was released two weeks before JonBenet was murdered.
Not that I think he killed JonBenet, or am sold on the existence of this child porn ring you describe. I'm just kind of surprised his name hasn't been dropped more often.
This ring is referred to as North Fox Island. not much is known about it via mainstream outlets because mainstream outlets never reported it due to who was involved. It was purportedly ran by an individual named Francis Shelden, which spread his depravity internationally from a base in the Netherlands after he fled once the scandal broke.
The ring exists. that is not up for debate. That is accepted fact by law enforcement, it's just not spoken fact.

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