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9 pageants
JonBenet had been in 9 pageants in the 2 years preceding her death in December, 1996.

July, 1995 -  WINNER - Little Miss Charlevoix - - JonBenét was 4 years old  (Patsy's Christmas letter)

April, 1996 - 1st Runner-up in age group - All Star Kids State Pageant, Denver, Colorado

[b]May, 1996 - WINNER Overall High Point in 6 and under division - Gingerbread State               Pageant, Denver, Colorado

May 31 - June 1st, 1996 - WINNER - "Tiny Miss" title - Royale Miss State Pageant, Denver,     CO.    (eligible to compete at national level after this)        (Lisa Ryckman - Rocky Mountain News  LaDonna Griego's 10-year-old daughter, Breanne, passed her Little Miss Colorado title along to JonBenet in May 1996.)

July 4th weekend, -  WINNER - "America's Royale Tiny Miss" title at America's Royale Miss National Pageant, Denver, Colorado.

August, 1996 - Did not win but scored high in a few categories.  Sunburst International  Pageant, Atlanta, Georgia

October, 1996 - 1st Runner-up All Star Kids "Back to School" Preliminary

November, 1996 - 1st Runner up (talent) and a runner-up in age group - Dream Star Pageant, Rome, Georgia

December, 1996 - WINNER - "Little Miss Christmas" All Star Kids Christmas Pageant -  Denver, Colorado  (She got a medal for talent at this competition.)
JonBenét did not wear contact lenses or dentures but her hair was lightened.

She was photographed for her portfoiio in June of 1996.

JonBenét's trophies were in her room and the playroom. Patsy had only one trophy of her own and that was kept in her large walk-in closet/dressing room.

The Ramseys owned a sail boat. Stenciled on the back was its name, "Miss America".
All Star Kids Pageant JonBenet in the All Star Kids Pageant

"It's bigger than it's ever been,'' said LaDonna Griego, who runs All Star Kids, a popular, family oriented pageant system in Colorado. When JonBenet competed in All Star Kids' state pageant in April 1996, there were 12 children entered. This year, there were 50. Advertisements that used to elicit 300 phone calls now bring in twice that many." [RMNews 'Legacy of JonBenet' 12/21/97]
Denver, Colorado
May 1996 JonBenet won 'Little Miss Colorado' title

"I think a lot of people didn't know pageants existed in Colorado,'' Griego said of the days before JonBenet's death." (snip) "Griego's 10-year-old daughter, Breanne, passed her Little Miss Colorado title along to JonBenet in May 1996, and she still happily competes. But JonBenet's death has shaken her." [RMNews 'Legacy of JonBenet' 12/21/97]
[IMAGE] . Denver, Colorado
May 12, 1996

State Pageant
Denver Hotel Ballroom Colorado All-Stars Christmas State Pageant (America's Royal Miss ?)

"In the spring of 1995" (snip) "discovered that the Colorado All-Star Kids Pageant was coming up in a few weeks" (snip) "I entered JonBenet at the last possible moment" (snip) "She wore a blue chiffon dress with a white bodice, matching white anklets, which Aunt Polly had sent from Atlanta" (snip) "JonBenet won the award for cover girl." [DOIpg56] (Photographed by Mark Fix)

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