from Scott Gibbons' house.

I was leaning against the Gibbons house with my head just under his kitchen window when I took this photo.  He could not see people walking through that kitchen, he could see the ceiling and little else.    I spoke to Scott in 2016 and he told me that he saw lights on over the window - like the bank of lights often found behind a valance.  Patsy never used those lights and he noted that as strange.

He assured me he did NOT see any moving lights or people walking around that room.
. .
On the Geraldo Rivera show of Nov. 17th, 1998, reporter Carol McKinley said she spoke to Mr.Gibbons. He said the light was low, and he felt that perhaps someone was awake in the house, moving around, trying not to disturb anyone else. But Shapiro clearly stated to me that Gibbons said the lights were not moving.
Diane Brumfit, the neighbor on the SOUTH side, said that she had noticed something unusual that night too - lights that were always left ON in the Ramsey house at night were OFF. The report said that the missing lights were from the 'family room" - was someone concerned about being seen in the Ramsey house? (Surely not a Ramsey - they had every right to be there.)
I am not so sure that the missing light was from the family room - perhaps the light she missed was from the kitchen - and perhaps I know why those lights were "missing". Between the kitchen and the dining room, there is a sliding pocket door. Anyone who wanted could have made the kitchen a "windowless hall" - all the better to use as a path from the spiral stairs to the basement.

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