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 Tricia Griffith is a veteran radio disc jockey and owner of and owner of Forums for

She was a BORG leader.  

Her marriage ended after she took on the role of BORG leader.

She hosted many BORG radio shows.

I hoped Lin Wood would sue her but he made it clear she didn't have enough money to make it worth his time.  

No need to share more.
she posted this on her fb page

If I had to describe how I look and feel today I would say this deformed (but much loved) goat is the perfect description of my inner and outer feelings.. but I did have a great session with my shrink who seemed genuinely surprised when I told him I was 61. He said I did not look my age which was helpful but it still feels like a deformed goat feeling inside and out kind of day
I can honestly say I have listened to only ONE of Tricia's podcasts before this one - - and I didn't listen to half of that. Tricia is BORG, unwilling to discuss intruder facts and suspects, but more than able to attribute the note to Patsy. Her followers need to understand Tricia won't accuse Burke but feels free to accuse Patsy because dead people can't sue.
Not allowing any intruder suspects to be discussed in her forum is proof of her position.
I got a few phone calls on this podcast so decided to listen. Thought twice about posting here but... I will share what I thought.
So Tricia insists that Patsy wrote the note and any and all exculpatory evidence that comes up in discussion is simply unimportant to her, easy to deny or ignore.
John Andrew once suggested that I sit and talk to Carol McKinley. I refused as I find Carol to be like a tumbleweed. "Any way the wind blows...." Like Paula Woodward, she plays to the audience in front of her. She tries to stay close enough to the fence that people on either side will take her calls, but she is not, in my opinion, ever fully honest.
I found it interesting that Carol McKinley didn't name her sources. Makes it a bit harder to figure out what is true and what is fiction.
Could it be that there were some dirty panties found in the bedroom? Yes, absolutely. The Ramsey kids did not pick up after themselves and the maid was lazy - - otherwise Patsy wouldn't have needed fairly regular "deep cleaning" done by a group of maids. What we do know is that no one reported finding WET underwear in her room. I don't believe for a moment that a pair or wet panties would have gone unreported. Especially when Steve Thomas was giving out information that might look bad for the family.
The overwhelming ammonia odor is, as I was told, absolute bullshit. The sheets had no stains and no odor. What they COULD find was the slightest evidence of urine on the sheets and that was from coming in contact with the plastic mattress cover which was not thoroughly washed between sheet changes. I found it interesting that Carol didn't name her source on that one. My source was Lou Smit who had full access to the evidence and expert reports (at least in the beginning - once he said the evidence pointed to an intruder, they started refusing to share. But to start he saw it all and heard all of it.) Gossip included an odor, no reports documented one.
Lucy Rorke never explained why there was so little bleeding inside the skull. Didn't explain how someone with a hole in their skull would fight to remove a cord from her neck. Her thoughts on the case flew in the face of other expert opinions, but it fits the BORG theory best so it was featured on the BORG program
Tricia kept minimizing the head injury - - there was a HOLE in the skull. It wasn't a little bump, there was a HOLE!
As for the DNA, there are more bits of DNA that could be tested and I believe plenty for genetic work. But the BPD told me directly that they were not interested in going further with this case. They don't believe they can get a conviction and don't want to open records that would further embarrass them.

Tricia admitted she doesn't know how to explain the exculpatory evidence - - but you just have to get OVER all that. Once you accept her word that Patsy wrote the note, the rest doesn't matter. No mention of Cina Wong's employer, Darnay Hoffman. No mention of Tom Miller and the FAX Darnay sent him - a FAX that makes it clear Darnay knew full well that the real experts were NOT pointing at Patsy.
Donald Foster was discredited, a forgotten point. Inconvenient so that discussion was very short. The man's reputation was destroyed, as reported in Steve Thomas' book - - Steve Thomas never defended his book as he promised those who contributed to his "defense fund", but both Foster and Thomas remain BORG heros. How wrong is that?

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