Before 6:00 AM
Midnight Neighbor Sees Lights at Ramseys. Around midnight, Scott Gibbons looked out his kitchen window at the Ramsey residence and observed the upper kitchen lights were on and dimmed low (Steve Thomas notes).
Between midnight and 1 am, Stewart Long and Melinda Ramsey returned to the home of Lucinda Johnson in Marietta, Georgia (Steve Thomas notes).
12:30 AM | The movie that Chris Stanley, Brad Millard and John Andrew Ramsey were watching ended (Steve Thomas notes).
1:00 AM |  JAR in Georgia. Brad Millard, Chris Stanley and John Andrew Ramsey returned to the Millard home in Georgia so that John Andrew Ramsey could pick up his mother's vehicle (Steve Thomas notes).
?? | Cliff Gaston said he fell asleep on the couch at the White residence (Steve Thomas notes: although time uncertain, this event was listed in this location on Thomas's list, so presumably was sometime in early AM).
1:00 AM | Neighbors Adam Vermiere and Luke Vermiere went to bed after watching movies late into the evening. They did not notice or hear anything unusual (Steve Thomas notes).
2:00 AM | Neighbor Heard Scream. Neighbor Melody Stanton heard scream (details). Steve Thomas notes place the time of the scream at between midnight and 2:00 AM.
2:00 AM | Allison Shoeny and Priscilla White finished talking at the kitchen table at the White residence and then Allison woke Cliff Gaston up and took him to Daphne's room where they spent the rest of the night (Steve Thomas notes).
5:15 AM | Stewart Long observed John Andrew Ramsey in Lucinda Johnson's home in Marietta, GA (Steve Thomas notes). 

5:15 AM | Stewart Long saw John Andrew Ramsey up and crossing in the hallway at the Johnson residence in Marietta, GA (Steve Thomas notes).

~5:30 AM | John Ramsey Awoke. "The family planned to rise early the following morning because they were to fly to Charlevoix, Michigan for a family vacation. (SMF P 13; PSMF P 13.)" (Carnes 2003:6). "Defendants assert they woke around 5:30 a.m. and proceeded to get ready for their trip. While Mr. Ramsey took a shower, Mrs. Ramsey put back on the same outfit she had on the night before and reapplied her makeup. (SMF P 15.)" (Carnes 2003: 7) John Ramsey reportedly awoke before Patsy, at about 5:30, and dressed after showering (Schiller 1999a:77).
~5:33 AM | Patsy Ramsey Awoke. Patsy Ramsey awoke "a few minutes later;" dressed, put on make-up and went to 2nd floor to rinse out JBR jumpsuit and then went downstairs to kitchen (Schiller 1999a:77). Ramsey & Ramsey (2001:10) states she put clothes for trip into plastic bag (there is no allusion to rinsing the jumpsuit).
~5:45 | Ransom Note Discovered. "Mrs. Ramsey then went down the backstairs towards the second floor, then the spiral stairs towards the ground floor, where, on a step near the bottom of the stairs, she discovered a handwritten note on three sheets of paper that indicated JonBenét had been kidnapped (the "Ransom Note"). (SMF P 16)." (Carnes 2003:7). Patsy Ramsey "told Det. Arndt that she found a note at the bottom of the staircase" at "approximately" 5:45 AM (Byfield 1997:1). 
~5:45 AM | JBR Found Missing. "As she descended the back stairwell, she discovered the Ransom Note and read only those few lines stating that JonBenét was kidnapped, but "safe and unharmed," and demanding $118,000 for her return. (SMF P 17; PSMF P 17.) Mrs. Ramsey immediately screamed and proceeded to check JonBenét's room, which was empty. (SMF P 18; PSMF P 18)." (Carnes 2003:11-12). Patsy Ramsey discovered JBR missing at "approximately 5:45 AM" (Byfield 1997:1).
Before 5:52 AM | Parents Checked on Burke. "After hearing Mrs. Ramsey's scream, Mr. Ramsey ran downstairs and met Mrs. Ramsey in the stairwell. Together, they checked on their son who appeared to be asleep in his room. (SMF P 18; PSMF P 18.)" (Carnes 2003:12).
Before 5:52 AM | John Ramsey Read RN. "Mr. Ramsey then went downstairs to read the Ransom Note, while Mrs. Ramsey called the police, informing them that her child had been kidnapped. (SMF P 19; PSMF P 19)" (Carnes 2003:12).
5:52 AM | Patsy Ramsey Made 911 Call. John told Patsy to call police; 911 call logged at 5:52 AM (Schiller 1999a:78). The Daily Camera places this call at 5:45 AM, as does Bardach (1997).
After 5:52 AM | Ramseys Phone Family Friends. Fleet & Priscilla White and John & Barbara Fernie (friends of family) had been phoned "shortly after the note was found" (Byfield 1997:1). Schiller (1999a:78) states that Patsy had called Whites & Fernies "immediately after" the 911 call; Ramsey & Ramsey (2001: 12-13) states she called Fernies first and then Whites. Schiller places the call to the Whites at "at about 6:00 AM" with house guest Clif Gaston picking up the phone (1999a:44); since the call was placed before Officer French arrived, it must have been before 5:59 AM since that is the time Schiller has French arriving at the house.
5:55 AM | Officer French Dispatched. Officer French proceeded to 755 15th Street regarding a ransom demand and kidnapping (Steve Thomas notes).
5:59 AM | Officer French Arrived. BPD officers Karl Veitch and Rick French are reported to have "responded to" 911 call at 5:52 AM, but it is not clear whether this denotes actual time of arrival at the house (Byfield 1997:1. "Office Rick French of the Boulder Police arrived at the defendants' home in a marked car a few minutes before six a.m., followed soon after by Detective Linda Arndt. (SMF P 21; PSMF P 21.)" (Carnes 2003:14). BPD Officer Rick French was the first law officer to arrive at Ramsey house at 5:59 AM (Schiller 1999a:77), i.e., 7 minutes after the 911 call (Schiller 1999a:78). Glick et al. (1998) concurs French arrived "just before 6 a.m." The Daily Camera has French and Veitch arriving at the Ramseys at 5:45 AM.
After 5:59 AM | Officer French Read RN. In a story based on reading police reports, Newsweek reporters claim "French read the ransom note and later conducted a quick search of the house" although no timeframe is given for this (Glick et al. 1998). In contrast, Schiller claims French did the house search and then read the ransom note (Schiller 1999a:7; source and summary provided by Internet poster Athena). French himself stated in a Vanity Fair interview that after being greeted by Patsy on arrival, "John Ramsey directed me through the house and pointed out a three-page handwritten note which was laid on the wooden floor just west of the kitchen area" (Bardach 1997).
6:00-7:00 AM
6:00 AM | Sgt. Paul Reichenbach hears Officer French dispatched (Steve Thomas notes).

6:05 AM | Sgt. Robert Whitson received a page to call watch supervisor Paul Reichenbach (Steve Thomas notes). 
After 6:00 AM | Officer French Searched Basement. However, according to Schiller, after arriving at 6:59 AM, French "immediately" searched the house looking for a point of entry; only after he did that search did he read the ransom note. The Newsweek story based on police reports is consistent with Schilling on timing even though it asserts that the search came after reading the RN (Glick et al., 1998). Thomas's account is far different in terms of timing: "with detectives finally on the scene [they arrived at 8:10 according to Thomas] to handle witnesses, French checked the garage and lower levels of the house, looking for places through which the kidnapper might have carried off the child. He found none. The house was messy, but he saw no sign of a struggle" (Thomas 2000:22-23). Reconciliation of these conflicting accounts is provided at the end of the following event.
After 6:00 AM | Officer French Fails to Search Wine Cellar Room. Glick et al. (1998) states that in French's search of the basement (time unstated), "he came to a door secured with a wooden latch. According to police reports obtained by NEWSWEEK, he paused for a moment in front of the door--but walked away." JBR's body was later found behind this same door, so why did French not open the door? "In the police report French filed about the events that morning, he says he didn't open the door to the basement room because he was looking for exits the kidnapper might have used. He noticed the latch was on the wrong side for a door leading out of the house. So he kept moving" (Glick et al. 1998).
  • This is consistent with Schiller who reports: "Rick French....was reportedly still tortured by his failure to open the wine cellar door when he searched the house in those first few minutes" (Schiller 1999a:660; source and quote provided by Internet poster Athena).
  • Thomas provides a very similar account: "In the basement he also came to the white door at the far end of the that was closed and secured at the top by the wooden block on a screw. French was looking for exit points from the house and the door obviously was not one. No one could have gone through that door, closed it behind them, and locked it on the opposite side by turning the wooden latch, so he did not open it." (Thomas 2000:22-23).
  • This raises the question of how to resolve a 2-hour discrepancy between what might be viewed as "insider" accounts. Glick et al., do not provide an exact time, but it is clear that it nearly matches Schiller's rather than Thomas's as they flatly assert: "He noticed the latch was on the wrong side for a door leading out of the house. So he kept moving. Soon other officers arrived, including detectives and a forensics team that began dusting the house for fingerprints and searching for other clues" (Glick et al., 1998), so the search clearly was before the other detectives arrived, a flat contradiction of Thomas. Given that Glick et al. are professional reporters relying on police reports and produce a story consistent with Schiller, who conducted numerous interviews, their account probably should be accorded more credence than Thomas's even though he too in theory had access to the same police reports.
~6:03 AM | Whites Arrived. Fleet & Priscilla White arrived at Ramsey house "minutes after" 6:00 AM (Schiller 1999a: 44). This is consistent with the search warrant affidavit that Whites had been phoned "shortly after the note was found" and "immediately" come over (Byfield 1997:1). Whites reportedly came "promptly" after being called (Carnes, 2003:12). However, gives the arrival time for both Whites as 6:30 AM without providing documentation/source.
~6:06 AM | Fleet White Searched Basement. Fleet White went downstairs to basement to look for JBR (Schiller 1999a: 44). This time is supported by Carnes (2003:14): "The Whites arrived at defendant's home at approximately 6:00 a.m., and Mr. White, alone, searched the basement within fifteen minutes of arrival. (SMF P 23; PSMF P 23.) Mr. White testified that when he began his search, the lights were already on in the basement and the door in the hallway leading to the basement "wine cellar" room was opened. (SMF P 25; PSMF P 25; White Dep. at 147, 151-52.)" (Carnes 2003:14).
After 6:06 AM | Fleet White Searched Train Room. "He further testified that a window in the basement playroom was broken. (SMF P 26; PSMF P 26; White Dep. at 28, 152 & 154.) Under the broken window, Mr. White states there was a suitcase, along with a broken shard of glass. (SMF P 27; PSMF P 27; White Dep. at 28-29, 156-59, & 15 265.) He does not, however, remember whether the window was opened or closed. n11 (SMF P 28; PSMF P 28; White Dep. at 153.)" (Carnes 2003:14).
After 6:06 AM | Fleet White Searched Wine Cellar Room. "Mr. White also opened the door to the wine cellar room, but he could not see anything inside because it was dark and he could not find the light switch. (SMF P 29; PSMF P 29; White Dep. at 159-61.)" (Carnes 2003:14).
6:10 AM | Officer Veitch Arrived. BPD officer Karl Veitch "responds to the scene" at 6:10 (Steve Thomas notes). "Contrary to normal protocol, the police did not seal off the defendants' home, with the sole exception being the interior of JonBenét's bedroom. In other words, any person in the Ramsey house could, and often did, move freely throughout the home. (SMF P 21; PSMF P 22.)" (Carnes 2003:13).
After 6:10 AM | John Fernie Arrived. Veitch arrived before Fernies (Ramsey & Ramsey 1999a: 14). John Fernie arrived at Ramsey house; his wife Barbara Fernie came "later" (Schiller 1999a: 44); Fernie was the first friend to arrive and he tried the patio door first (Schiller 1999a:78). This is consistent with the search warrant affidavit that Fernies were phoned "shortly after the note was found" and "immediately" come over. (Byfield 1997:1)
Before 6:20 AM | Barbara Fernie Arrives. "Fleet White, Priscilla White, John Fernie, Barbara Fernie at the Ramsey house" as of 6:20 AM (Steve Thomas notes).
6:30 AM | Det. Fred Patterson was contacted by Sgt. Whitson to respond to Boulder (Steve Thomas notes).

6:30 AM | Fleet White Searches Basement. Within approximately 10-15 minutes of his arrival, Fleet White searched the basement of the Ramsey residence. He noticed the lights were on, saw the broken window in the train room and looked for broken glass and found a small piece of glass. The latch on the window was in the unlocked position and his impression was that the window was closed. He looked in the wine cellar but could not see anything and went back upstairs (Steve Thomas notes).

6:35 AM | Linda Arndt receives a call from Sgt. Whitson of a reported kidnapping (Steve Thomas notes).
6:35 AM | Sgt. David Kicera told officer Barry Weiss to respond to the scene (Steve Thomas notes).
6:40 AM | Officer Weiss Arrives. Officer Barry Weiss arrived at the scene (Steve Thomas notes). A later portion of Thomas notes show Weiss arriving at 7:15 AM.
Before 6:45 AM | John Ramsey Calls Pilot. John Ramsey leaves message for his pilot Michael Archuleta who returns the call a few minutes later; Patsy answers the phone (Schiller 1999a:78).
6:45 AM | Weiss, Barcklow and Reichenbach Arrive. BPD officers Barry Weiss, Sue Barcklow, and Sgt. Paul Reichenbach arrive at Ramsey house (Schiller 1999a:79); However, Thomas (above) shows Weiss arriving at 6:40 AM and his timeline also shows (in a direct contradiction) that Barcklow arrived at 7:00 AM). The search warrant affidavit confirms that Weiss was at the house when Arndt arrived at 8:00 AM (Byfield 1997:1).
6:45 AM | Victims Advocates Arrive. Mary Lou Jedamus and Grace Morelock, BPD Victim Advocates, arrive at Ramsey house ( "Early that morning, police had called in a team of victims' advocates, trained in helping families through traumatic situations, who arrived with bagels and coffee." (Glick et al. 1998).
6:45 AM | Priscilla White called niece at White house (Schiller 1999a:44).
6:50 AM | Officer Weiss and Officer Barklow were photographing and fingerprinting areas of the house. Officer Veitch had collected the ransom note (Steve Thomas notes).
7:00-8:00 AM
7:00 AM | Det. Patterson began gathering items he would need at the scene (Steve Thomas notes).
7:00 AM | Burke Ramsey is awakened and dressed  (Steve Thomas notes; Schiller 1999a:45 gives time as ~7:00 AM).
7:13 AM | Rev. Hoverstock Arrived. Reverend Rol Hoverstock arrived at the residence (Steve Thomas notes). Rev. Hoverstock from St. John's Episcopalian Church arrives at Ramsey house just before Burke left to go to White's house (Schiller 1999a:45); the search warrant affidavit states the pastor arrived "shortly after the note was found" (Byfield 1997:1). However, gives Hoverstock's arrival time as 7:00 AM without providing documentation/source.
After 7:13 AM | Burke Ramsey Taken to Whites. Burke Ramsey is taken by Fleet White and John Fernie to pick up the Fernie children and then taken to the White's home (Schiller 1999a:45). However, gives this time as 7:00 AM without providing documentation/source.
Between 7:00-8:00 AM | John Ramsey Searched Basement. "at around ten a.m., Mr. Ramsey also searched the basement area alone. He testified he found the broken window partially open. (SMF P 30; PSMF P 30; J. Ramsey Dep. at 30.) Under the broken window, Mr. Ramsey also saw the same suitcase seen earlier by Mr. White. Mr. Ramsey testified that the suitcase belonged to his family, but was normally stored in a different place. (SMF P 31; 16 PSMF P 31; J. Ramsey Dep. at 17.) *1331 Mr. Ramsey then returned upstairs. Plaintiff Chris Wolf theorizes that Mr. Ramsey actually found JonBenét's body at this time. (PSDMF P 57.)" (Carnes 2003:14]. Internet poster Bluecrab claims he did more than just check the window.
  • Carnes Timeline May be Wrong. In his 1998 testimony, John Ramsey provides several different times for when he searched the basement on his own. He first states "It would have been that time period: seven to nine." (p. 155, lines 19-20) and later reiterates "it was probably some time between seven and nine" (p. 157, lines 12-13). When asked whether it was before or after Whites and Fernies arrived, John stated: "I think it was after, because they came fairly early" (p. 174, lines 1-2). He then reiterated: "The best I can do is, it was, I believe, after the police came. Because they had gone through the house before I figured out what I'm going to do. It was before ten o'clock. They had already done some preparation before that. So it would have been before. Probably before nine. So then somewhere between seven and nine." (p. 174, lines 5-11). But when reminded that the RN said a phone call would come between 8 and 10 AM, NOT 10-12 AM, as John had supposed, John made clear that he had visited the basement prior to that time since "When we were ready for the phone call and I was prepped about what I was going to say and I was getting the family ready. And so between that period of time we were just waiting for the phone call and I was near the phone. And I was either in the study or on the first floor. I just waiting for it." (p. 174, lines 22-25; p. 175, lines 1-3). In response to a query from Mike Kane, John Ramsey confirmed that his trip to the basement "would have been before that time period." (p. 175, lines 6-7).
  • Was John's Trip Much Earlier? However, Internet poster Amber believes John must have visited the basement before either Fleet White or Officer French since he found a chair in front of the train room door and there's no good reason to believe White or French would have re-blocked the door with the chair after they entered the train room (which both did according to their own accounts). If so, John's trip would have been before 6:00 AM.
7:30 AM | Ransom Amount Assembled. John Ramsey collected the $118,000 demanded in the ransom note (AngelFire timeline).
7:33 AM | BPD Canine Unit on Standby (
7:55 AM | Reichenbach Briefs Arndt and Patterson. Sgt. Reichenbach meets with BPD Detectives Linda Arndt and Fred Patterson at the Basemar Shopping Center to brief them on the case (Steve Thomas notes give time as 7:55; Schiller 1999a:79 gives time as prior to 8:00 AM).
8:00-10:00 AM
8:00 AM | Neighbor Scott Gibbons got up and observed a basement door leading into a kitchen area was standing wide open (Steve Thomas notes).

8:00 AM | Fleet White returned to the White residence with the Fernie children and Burke Ramsey (Steve Thomas notes).
8:10 AM | Arndt and Patterson Arrive. Linda Arndt arrives at Ramsey house at "approximately" 8:00 AM (Byfield 1997:1); she monitored incoming phone calls to the Ramsey residence from approximately 0800-1300 hours (Byfield 1997:2). Patterson's arrival time is not mentioned in the search warrant affidavit, but Schiller (1999a:10) has him arriving with Arndt at 8:10 AM. "Detective Arndt and Patterson arrived at the Ramsey house at 8:10 a.m., and Officer Rick French gave them an updated briefing." (Thomas 2000:22). This same time is provided by Steve Thomas notes, although a later entry in the same notes shows a contradictory entry indicating that Arndt and Patterson arrived at 8:30.
8:21 AM | The three page ransom note was received into Boulder Police Department property (Steve Thomas notes).
Time Unstated | Police Tapped Phones. BPD followed standard procedure by putting taps inside the house and at John Ramsey's office (Glick et al. 1998).
Time Unstated | Arndt Instructed John Ramsey. "Linda Arndt told John Ramsey what to say if the ransomer called: demand to talk to JonBenét. John Ramsey took notes. "Must talk to JB," he scribbled." (Glick et al., 1998).
Time Unstated | Advocates Cleaned Kitchen. "After using the kitchen, the advocates began tidying it up, a law-enforcement official told NEWSWEEK. One friend helped clean the kitchen, wiping down the counters with a spray cleaner--and possibly wiping away important evidence." (Glick et al. 1998).
8:36 AM | JAR and MR Board Plane. John Andrew and Melinda Ramsey borded a Delta flight to Minneapolis (AngelFire timeline).
9:00 AM | Det. Jim Byfield was contacted by Sgt. Bob Whitson and requested to assist in the investigation of a kidnapping (Steve Thomas notes).

9:20 AM | Sgt. Paul Reichenbach left the police department (Steve Thomas notes).

9:21 AM | Det. Byfield contacted Det. Patterson to tell him that Laurie Vencel, Lafayette State Bank was collecting the money for the ransom (Steve Thomas notes).

9:22 AM | Det Byfield contacted Det. Kithcart to respond to the BPD to assist in the investigation (Steve Thomas notes).

9:27 AM | Det Byfield contacted Gary Merriman a list of the employees at Access graphics (Steve Thomas notes).
9:30 AM | Ransom Amount Arranged. John Fernie returned to the Ramsey residence after meeting with his banker and arranging to have $118,000 in cash available (Steve Thomas notes).
~9:30 AM | Sergeant Whitson Arrived. BPD Sergeant Bob Whitson arrived at house, entering through rear exterior kitchen door (Byfield 1997:4). Steve Thomas notes give arrival time between 9:00 and 9:45 and a later entry shows 10:00 AM and that Officer French was released from the scene.
9:45 AM | Det. Jeff Kithcart arrived at the Boulder Police Department (Steve Thomas notes).

9:50 AM | Det. Everett and Det. Byfield met with Gary Merriman at Access Graphics (Steve Thomas notes).
10:00 AM-Noon
10:00 AM | No one mentioned to Det. Arndt that the suspected kidnappers had not called within the designated time period (Steve Thomas notes).

10:07 AM | Det. Everett and Det. Byfield respond to the Ramsey residence (Steve Thomas notes).

10:15 AM | Officer Weiss and Officer Barklow cleared the Ramsey residence (Steve Thomas notes). This entry is obviously incorrect insofar as all of the family and friends were still present when the body was discovered at 1:00 PM.
~10:30 AM | JBR Bedroom Sealed. "JonBenét's bedroom had been sealed off by Detectives Arndt and Fred Patterson at approximately 1030 hours (Byfield 1997:2). "Police reports also show that officers did little to protect the integrity of the crime scene. Believing the crime was a kidnapping, the cops cordoned off JonBenét's bedroom with yellow and black crime-scene tape to preserve whatever evidence her abductor may have left behind. But strangely, they didn't seal the rest of the house--also potentially part of the crime scene" (Glick et al. 1998). Steve Thomas notes give the time as 10:30.
10:30 AM | All additional police officers and victim advocates other than Linda Arndt and family members and friends leave the Ramsey residence (Steve Thomas notes).
After 10:40 AM | JR Picks Up Mail. "Between approximately 1040 hours and 1200 hours - John Ramsey left the house and picked up the family's mail" (Steve Thomas notes). Jameson has observed: "We know that is not true as the mail was delivered right into the house through a mail slot by the front door."
10:45 AM | Representatives from the FBI arrive at the BPD (Steve Thomas notes).
Noon to 18:00 PM
According to, Weiss and Everett arrived at 1:20 but provides no documentation/source.According to, Weiss and Everett arrived at 1:20 but provides no documentation/source.Time Unstated | "In the early afternoon, after the forensics team and other officers had packed up and left, Detective Arndt stayed behind to wait with the Ramseys." (Glick et al. 1998).

12:30 PM | Det. Arndt notices John Ramsey to be by himself (Steve Thomas notes).

12:30 PM | Det. Arndt Calls BPD. Det. Arndt phoned Larry Mason at BPD (

13:00 PM | Arndt Talks with Fleet White. Fleet White was approached by Det. Arndt and asked as a (inaudible) to occupy John's mind for he and John to look through the house to see if anything was amiss. Fleet told Det. Arndt that it would be, that it would have more of an impact coming from her and asked her if she would ask John (This entry in Steve Thomas notes give 13:00 as the time but this discussion obviously occurred somewhat before that, as an earlier entry states "(Between 12:30 and 1:00) Det. Arndt suggested to Fleet White that he and John Ramsey check the house from top to bottom.").

Before 13:00 PM | Arndt Tells John Ramsey to Search House. "The mood in the house was quiet and tense. John Ramsey milled anxiously around the living room; Patsy sat virtually motionless in a chair. Arndt noted in her police report that she wanted to give John Ramsey something to do "to keep his mind occupied." She pulled Ramsey and friend Fleet White aside and told them to conduct a "top to bottom" search of the house to see if anything seemed amiss." (Glick et al. 1998). The search warrant claims John Fernie was also asked: "At approximately 1300 hours Detective Arndt asked John Ramsey, and his friends Fleet White and John Fernie, to check the interior of the residence for any sign of JonBenét, or anything that may have been left or taken that belonged to JonBenét" (Byfield 1997:2).

~1:00 PM | John Ramsey & Fleet White Search Basement. According to Steve Thomas notes, at 13:00 PM Det. Arndt told John Ramsey to check the house from top to bottom and he immediately went to the basement door with Fleet White following. A later entry says John Ramsey led Fleet White to the basement where they first went to the train room and examined the broken window and John said he broke it a few months ago. They searched for glass on the floor and then they went to look at a broom closet and then to the wine cellar where John Ramsey found JonBenet Ramsey (Steve Thomas notes). The search warrant says John Fernie was also present during this search: "John Ramsey immediately went to the basement of the house, followed by Fleet White and John Fernie" (Byfield 1997:2). Other accounts make no mention of Fernie. "Later that afternoon, Mr. Ramsey and Mr. White together returned to the basement at the suggestion of the Boulder Police. (SMF P 32; PSMF P 32; White Dep. at 212-217; J. Ramsey Dep. at 17-20.) During this joint search of the basement, the men first examined the playroom and observed the broken window. (SMF P 33; PSMF P 33.) The men next searched a shower stall located in the basement. (SMF P 34; PSMF P 34.) Mr. Ramsey then noticed a heavy fireplace grate propped in front of a closet and Mr. White moved the grate so the closet could be searched. (SMF P 35; PSMF P 35.) Upon finding nothing unusual in the closet, the men proceeded to the wine cellar room (SMF P 36, 37; PSMF P 36, 37; White Dep. at 162-63, 193-93.) Ramsey & Ramsey (2001:21) likewise reports only that John took Fleet White to the basement.

13:00 PM | Heather Cox answered the phone and was told by someone unknown to bring Burke Ramsey back to the Ramsey home (Steve Thomas notes). According to Jameson "actually the person is known to be Priscilla White."

13:04 PM | JBR Body Found. This time is given in Steve Thomas notes. "Mr. Ramsey entered the room first, turned on the light and, upon discovery of JonBenét's dead body, he exclaimed "Oh my God, my baby." (SMF P 36, 37; PSMF P 36, 37; White Dep. at 162-63, 193-93.)" (Carnes 2003:14). The time is listed as 1:05 in the Ramsey's account (Ramsey & Ramsey 2001:22). Newsweek reports John Ramsey as later stating ""All I could do was scream, to try to attract attention." he says." (Glick et al. 1998). Note that gives this time as 1:10 PM without providing documentation/source. Details of finding body at

After 13:04 PM | Duct Tape Removed. "JonBenét had black duct tape covering her mouth, a cord around her neck that was attached to a wooden garrote, and her hands were bound over her head in front of her; she was covered by a light-colored blanket. (SMF P 38; PSMF P 38.) ....Mr. Ramsey ripped the duct tape off JonBenét's mouth and attempted to untie her hands. (SMF P 39; PSMF P 39.)" (Carnes 2003:16-17).

~13:05 PM | Fleet White Calls for Ambulance. "Within a few minutes" of going into basement, Fleet White came running upstairs, grabbed the telephone in the back office located on the first floor, and yelled for someone to call an ambulance (Byfield 1997:2). "Fleet White bounded up the stairs yelling for someone to "call 911."" (Glick et al. 1998).

13:05 PM | Byfield Notified. BPD officer Jim Byfield is notified that JBR body had been found (Byfield 1997:1)

After 13:05 PM | JBR Carried Upstairs "He then carried her body upstairs. (SMF P 39; PSMF P 39.)" (Carnes 2003:17). "Ramsey ripped the duct tape off JonBenét's mouth and carried her up the stairs, setting her down on the floor. Though it's unclear why, Arndt then picked up the body again and moved it to the living room near the Christmas tree where Ramsey knelt beside her, repeating "My little angel," over and over. Friends carried Patsy, too stunned to walk, over to the body. Police reports describe her throwing herself over JonBenét" (Glick et al. 1998).

After 13:05 PM | Arndt Requested Backup. "Arndt quickly called for backup, declaring a "Code Black"--police lingo for murder--over the radio. The forensic team return to the house." (Glick et al. 1998). According to, Arndt called 911 at 1:12 but provides no documentation/source.

After 13:05 PM | Everett Searched Basement. "After the discovery of the girl's body" Everett "walked through the basement area of the house to attempt to determine if any person were present in the basement" (Byfield 1997:2). This search includes the wine cellar (Schiller 1999a:21).

13:04 PM | Officer Barry Weiss, Sgt. Dave Kicera were dispatched back to the residence because the child's body had been located (Steve Thomas notes).

13:05 PM | Det. Arndt saw Fleet White run from the area of the basement door to the den (Steve Thomas notes).

13:12 PM | Det. Arndt grabbed a cellular phone in the kitchen and dialed 911 and reached dispatcher Santiago (Steve Thomas notes).

13:15 PM | Det. Arndt received a page from communications (Steve Thomas notes).

13:20-13:25 PM | Officers Weiss and Everett Arrive. Between 1:05 pm and 1:30 pm BPD officer Barry Weiss and Det. Michael Everett arrive at Ramseys (Schiller 1999a:21). It is not clear from this account whether they arrived together.
This is consistent with which shows that Weiss and Everett arrived at 1:20 but provides no documentation/source.
In contrast, Steve Thomas notes show Officer Barry Weiss arrived at the Ramsey residence between 13:20-13:25 PM; these same notes show that at 13:40 PM, Det. Michael Everett returned to the scene as lead crime scene investigator (Steve Thomas notes).

13:22 PM | Officer Alaric Morgan relayed Officer French from the BPD to the scene at 755 15th Street (Steve Thomas notes).

13:29 PM | Det. Arndt received a page stating her call was received by Weld County (Steve Thomas notes).

13:30 PM | Priscilla White phones home (

13:30 PM | John Ramsey phones Gary Merriman (

13:30 PM | Walker and Mason Searched Basement. BPD officers Ron Walker and Larry Mason saw JonBenét's body in the living room and then searched the basement and the wine cellar; Mason decides to secure the house (Schiller 1999a:21).

13:30 PM | Priscilla White Calls Niece. Priscilla White calls her niece at the White home, to report the murder (Schiller 1999a:46).

13:40 | John Calls Pilot. "Twenty minutes later after Arndt moves body, John is overheard placing a phone call to his pilot to ready the plane to head for Atlanta. Police instruct them not to leave town, so they stay at a friend's home in Boulder" (Crime Library timeline). Det. Bill Palmer overheard John Ramsey making arrangements to fly to Atlanta over the phone at 13:40 (Steve Thomas notes).

Before 13:45 PM | John Ramsey's Children Arrive. Jameson has observed that in Steve Thomas notes, "FOUR entries have John Andrew, Melinda and Stewart Long arriving at the Ramsey house in Boulder at 1 pm." However, John Ramsey says they arrived just as Ramseys were leaving the house and he describes details of that encounter on the street (DOI, hb:24).

Before 13:45 PM | John Ramsey signed search form at 14:15 PM according to, but no documentation or source is provided; this is the same time as that timeline gives for when Ramseys left the house.

13:45 PM | Ramseys Leave for Fernie's. The Ramseys left their home to stay with the Fernie's, including JR, PR, JAR, MR and her boyfriend SL. Attorney friend Mike Bynum advised them to get lawyers.

13:45 PM | Officer French leaves the residence for the second time and Officer Weiss and Shunk are securing the front and back of the house (Steve Thomas notes).

13:45 PM | Sgt. Larry Mason arrives at Ramsey residence (

13:45 PM | FBI agent Ron Walker arrives at Ramsey residence (

13:50 PM | House Secured "It was only upon the discovery of JonBenét's body that the Boulder police began to secure properly the home as the crime scene. (SMF P 53; PSMF P 53.)" (Carnes 2003:17). Schiller lists the time this happened as 1:50 PM (1999a:23).

14:30 PM | Det. Arndt visits the Ramseys at the Fernie's house (Schiller 1999a:23).

~14:30 PM | Burke Interviewed by BPD. "At approximately the same time" Det. Patterson talked to Burke Ramsey at the White's house; Burke reportedly had "slept through the events of the previous night" (Schiller 1999a:23).

14:35 PM | Ramsey residence was empty by this time (

Time Unspecified | John Ramsey Hired Attorney Mike Bynum. "Michael Bynum, John Ramsey's close friend and corporate attorney, who had been away snowshoing, now arrived at the Fernie's house. As he walked in, the family was kneeling in the living room praying with Rev. Hoverstock. [There is then a description of John's going for a walk with John Fernie in the hills] "When they returned a half hour later, Ramsey asked Bynum to represent him." (Schiller 1999a:27).

After 18:00 PM
18:50 PM | Officer Scott Adams relieved Officer Morgan who was staying with the Ramseys (Steve Thomas notes).

19:11 PM | Officer Morgan leaves the Ramseys (Steve Thomas notes).

19:11 PM | Officer Scott Adams arrives and stays with the Ramseys (Steve Thomas notes).

19:25-19:40 PM | John Ramey takes a walk with John Fernie and Dr. Beuff (Steve Thomas notes).

19:50 PM | John Ramsey says, "I/m sorry. I'm so sorry." while sobbing (Steve Thomas notes).

20:00 PM | Pathologist Arrived. Dr. John Meyer, MD, pathologist, arrived at "approximately" 8:00 PM to examine body" according to his autopsy report. At, the time is given as 20:23 PM but no documentation or source is provided.

20:20 PM | Meyer Entered House. Dr. Meyer entered the Ramsey residence at "approximately" 8:20 PM according to his autopsy report.

20:20 PM | First Search Warrant Executed. Police obtain search warrant for Ramsey premises and vehicles in Boulder; search conducted 8:20 PM (Byfield 1997:3). An inventory of property taken is included on pp. 9-14 of that warrant, but a transcribed version including links to photos of selected objects is at

~20:20-20:30 PM | Meyer Examined Body. [Meyer "initially viewed the body in the living room of the house. The decedent was laying on her back on the floor, covered by a blanket and a Colorado Avalanche sweatshirt. On removing these two items from the top of the body the decedent was found to be lying on her back with her arms extended up over her head. The head was turned to the right. A brief examination of the body disclosed a ligature around the neck and a ligature around the right wrist. Also noted was a small area of abrasion or contusion below the right ear on the lateral aspect of the right cheek. A prominent dried abrasion was present on the lower left neck."

~20:30 PM | Meyer Left. After examining the body, Dr. Meyer left the residence at approximately 8:30 p.m.

21:00 PM | John Ramsey laid down with Patsy (Steve Thomas notes).

21:15 PM | John Ramsey left to go to DIA to pick up his brother Jeff from Atlanta (Steve Thomas notes).

21:20 PM | Officer Scott Adams briefed Commander Eller (Steve Thomas notes).

22:25 PM | Patsy got up and asked where her husband was and where her son was. She then sobbed. "Why did they do this? Why did they do this?" She asked for valium (Steve Thomas notes).

22:48 PM | Patsy's sisters and brother-in-law arrive at the house (Steve Thomas notes).

No time given | Patsy Ramsey emerged from the east bedroom at 1950 Teacup (Steve Thomas notes).

22:45 PM | Body Removed. JBR body removed from house.

23:44 PM | Detective Arndt Left. Detective Linda Arndt was last to leave the house.
[Image: PMP_408889_02132016_20160213.jpgx?w=712&h=600&option=1]Mary Lu Jedamus, 85, died peacefully at her home in Boulder on Jan. 28, 2016. Born in Fall River, Wisconsin, to Will and Anna Miller, Mary Lu was educated at Lawrence University in Appleton and the University of Wisconsin, where she met her future husband, Paul Jedamus. They married on Sept. 9, 1952, and moved to Boulder the following year so that Paul could take up his position on the faculty of the CU Business School. Mary Lu and Paul met in the Pres House choir in Madison; later they both sang as soloists in the choir of the First Presbyterian Church in Boulder. For many years they were active members of the Church of the Apostles, a liberal offshoot of 'First Pres.' Mary Lu also worked at the United Protestant Center (later the Center for United Ministries) on the CU campus, where she met many students who became lifelong friends. For several years, Mary Lu worked in the Boulder office of the Board of County Commissioners. She was equally committed to her volunteer work: at the Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP), the Rape Crisis Center, as a victim advocate with the Boulder Police Department, and for the Conference on World Affairs. Her empathy and sense of social justice will be remembered by many. Mary Lu is survived by her daughters, Julith Jedamus (Stryker McGuire), Laurel Jedamus (Todd Ferwerda), Carrie (Allan) Heltzel, and Lissa Jedamus (Dave Denu); honorary daughter, Kenia Sanchez of Teotecacinte, Nicaragua; grandchildren, Jacob Jedamus-Denu, Rhett and Alex Denu, Emmet and Will Ferwerda, and Will McGuire; brother, Larry Wright; and eleven nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held at Ryssby Church, 9000 North 63rd St., at 2pm on May 15th. Memorial donations may be given in Mary Lu's name to the Boulder County AIDS Project.

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