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Suitcase under broken window


When Lou Smit went public with the evidence of an intruder the Rocky Mountain News published a very good article outlining the evidence - - and the BORG BPD's answer to that same evidence.  Let the reader see what they think.

(The newspaper article is no longer available - - a horrible loss for students of the case.  But I will do what I can to keep the information available for some.

Smit's argument: A hard-sided suitcase was discovered below the open window. The killer, figuring
it was safe to go out the way he came in, may have used it to boost himself up.
Ease of exit: Smit has gone in and out of the window with and without using a suitcase. "With a
suitcase, it's a lot easier."
Out of place: John Ramsey said the suitcase was not in that area of the basement before, suggesting
that someone moved it there. In addition, if the suitcase had been under the window for a long time,
dust and debris would have collected on it. But little was there.
Glass shard: A pea-size piece of glass was found on top of the suitcase, within what might be a
partial footprint. Smit surmises the glass may have come off the intruder's shoe as he stepped on the
suitcase to get out.
Response: Police have said privately that what looks like a footprint on the suitcase isn't a footprint.,00.html
Inside the suitcase: A pillow sham, a comforter and a Dr. Seuss book were found inside the suitcase. These items belonged to John Andrew, John Ramsey's older son.
A CBI examiner issued a REPORT indicating fibers from the pillow sham and comforter were found on JonBenet's shirt, on her vaginal area, on the duct tape from her hand, on the hand ligature and inside the body bag.

FBI analysis: FBI examiners SAID the fibers on JonBenet came from a source other than the pillow sham and comforter--but none of them matched anything else in the house. If the FBI examiner is right, the killer had to take that piece of material out with him, SMIT SAID.


This Dr. Seuss book is a common graduation gift - that is how John Andrew happened to own the book and why it ended up in HIS luggage.    At some point, JAR decided to replace his bedding, he put it and the book in a suitcase and brought it to the family home to store it.  Typical college kid, he didn't think about washing the bedding or giving the book to his 6 year old sister, probably because it was a gift from a friend.

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