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  • Inviting all those people,  - - - How is that evidence of their guilt?  They were in a Panic and did exactly what Fleet White did the year before - he called the Ramseys over when Daphne went missing.  Thank goodness she was found in the house, alive and well.  I think I might have called friends over hoping they'd help search for her - - in the neighborhood, probably.

  • John wanting to fly out, - - - The body had been found, police stopped asking questions and told John and Patsy they needed to leave the house.  They had a funeral to plan.  In Atlanta where she would be buried next to her sister.  Their families were in Atlanta.  Why wouldn't John want to go there?  Had they been eager to check into a hotel, the BORG would say they were acting abnormally, staying in town to make sure the police weren't exposing their secrets when the NORMAL thing to do would be going to family for comfort and support.

  • the bogus ransom note, - - -   I agree it was bogus - - a jab at John written while the killer waited for the family to get home and settle in.  To me it makes some sense to leave the note with the body as a way to remind John that he couldn't save his daughter for the price of his bonus.  Makes NO sense for parents staging a kidnapping to leave the note and body in the house.

  • Patsy changing her writing,  - - -  I have a couple notes Patsy wrote to me after the murder - - her handwriting (cursive was her preferred way to write) is different at all.  Don Foster said she changed her writing but he was fully discredited in this case as well as others.  (Shakespeare being the one I found most fun to follow.

  • the whole pineapple thing, - - - The pineapple was not in her stomach but in her intestines.  Could have been eaten before leaving to go to the Whites' dinner.  WAs NOT eaten within minutes of her death.

  • the fecal smearing, - that is all myth - - not documented in any documents or depositions, an Internet poster started that crap.  (See what I did there?)

  • Burke’s odd interviews, - - - He was a gawky kid when this happened.  You have seen bits and pieces of taped interviews and I believe Dr. Phil's editing department should have been flogged for the job they did.  The full interviews weren't so strange.  Although I will admit his constant smile is disconcerting.

  • Burke’s lack of empathy/concern/fear - - - He trusted her father would bring her back safe.  He cried when he was told she died and you don't know what fear he felt at any time because that was not shared.

  • the 911 call - - - The original call is pretty normal.  Those that people ALTERED, "enhanced", changed - - they are just BORG.  Sad so many people trust them when they are not true.

  • issue with the web in the window. - - - I have shown the truth of the web in photos on several forums - - but once someone is BORG, even photographs seem easy to ignore.  Or maybe just easy to interpret to fit the theory one wants to believe.    There ws a web, when the window was opened, it was torn in two.  One piece is still in the corner of the frame and the rest is blowing in the wind, hanging from the frame in the first photo of the window and later in the crime scene video.  It was small, could be safe from a person going through the window.  It was also misrepresented in the CBS documentary,  They show a HUGE web.  I also shared that in the forums.

  • Just the idea that someone would “borrow” that notepad paper and pen, and then put it back where it came from. (What a polite killer). - - - If he was standing by that window, waiting for the parents to get home, thinking he had to stop moving around in case someone were to look in and see him - - especially as it got dark and the lights left on in the house would make the house like an aquarium - - he may have decided to indulge in a little fantasy - - what if he kidnapped her for ransom?  Maybe writing a note was just a way to kill time.  The pad was there, the pen was there.  Nothing to do with polite, just he wrote the note then put the pen and pad back.  Do you think it would make more sense to take them home?

  • The practice notes - - - There MAY have been ONE - - and that consisted of "Mr. and Mrs. I"     - - but that has never been released and the handwriting never compared by us so...  that could have been written by someone else (Patsy).

  • the comfort in the home. Languishing inside this cavernous labyrinth-like home but never even uses the bathroom despite spending 8-10 hours there. - - who says he didn't use the bathroom?  The one in the basement had been used and not flushed.  Maybe because he was afraid of making that much noise - - maybe the family was home by then.

  • The dramatic flair of the note - - with pieces taken from different movies.  I think it gives us a clue as to what the author did in his spare time - - but the Ramseys were reading other kinds of books, watching other kinds of movies.  A lot of Disney, comedies, classics.

  • intentional misspellings - - not so sure they were intentional but how does that fit ANY theory?  BORG or IDI?

  • similarities to Patsy’s writing. - - - All kids born in the 50's were taught to make their letters the same.  It isn't the similarities that make your writing unique - it is the difference you incorporate into the letters as you get older.  (I don't know anyone who makes their small "f" the way I do.)


  • the French word attache - - hardly a word that would be rare in Boulder, a college town full of people who sometimes put on airs 

  • “and hence”- - - not a common phrase but maybe the author used it regularly - - something a tipster might include in a letter to authorities.  In this case, no one found any Ramsey using it until after the murder.  Just saying...

  • the long note reminiscent of the long info newsletters Patsy sent out - - - Christmas Newsletters are intentionally long - a tradition with some families.  More important is the vicious nature of the note that no one could link to anyone in the family.

  • no sense of urgency about the phone call - - - Have you LISTENED to the actual 911 call?  

  • alerting LE though expressly told not to - - - Few people would not call for help.  I would call immediately hoping to get roadblocks put up and all houses checked inside and out.  I did a study of kidnappings where ransom notes were left - - 99% called police.

  • none of their prints on the note - - Not even the cop left a print - - all I can think is that they had all JUST washed their hands and so - - no oil, no print - - - as for the author, he probably was wearing gloves.  Gloves he took with him when he left.

  • reluctance to cooperate with LE - - - Read the early press releases, they did cooperate.  They called 911, answered all questions.  When they went to the Fernies' the cops joined them and were welcomed.  They went in and gave hair, prints, handwriting, handwriting and more handwriting.  When they refused to be bullied into a confession - - THAT was considered to be reluctance to cooperate.  Then they pulled back but NEVER refused to answer questions  - just wanted them in writing so they could not be misreported as the first ones had. (Remember John saying he read to the kids?  That was misinformation in the police report and good reason not to trust the cops to keep their records straight.  Better to do it all in writing so the police lies or "errors"  would stop.

  • Burke claiming to never have read the note - - - there is no proof he ever did.  I think it is stragnge but know the family and - - - yeah, some things they do seem odd to me as well.  But I believe Burke had not read the note/

  • Patsy pretending not to write the baby book - - - She had been told to answer the question with great care.  If she did not specifically remember writing a phrase, she needed to say so.  It would have been wrong to say she had and then find out that entry had been written by Beth or Melinda and they were saying so.  Then Patsy would not have made a mistake, she would have been "caught in a lie".  So if she didn't remember, she didn't take credit for the writing.

  • Patsy’s acting while confronted with letter similarities - - - "acting" - - seems like the listener was already firmly BORG to find evidence of guilt there.

  • dna of UM1 never turning up in a database. I feel a violent sexual offender would commit another similar crime. It’s not guaranteed someone will reoffend but Pedos can’t be rehabilitated and nearly all reoffend- - - I believe I know who did this and that this was a singular crime, directed at John and the killer did NOT commit another similar crime.  There's no similar crime in the books.

  • sealed psychiatric records of Burke’s - - - his interview tapes have been seen by quite a few.  Records of his visits AFTER the crime were not shared because - - he was a victim with rights to privacy in that setting.  There was NO evidence linking him to the crime, the police, including Steve Thomas, made that clear so no reason to open his files to the public.

  • previous sexual abuse - - didn't happen, no evidence of that

  • frequent medical visits for Jonbenet - - - all explained, mostly sinus infections, colds.

  • denial that the sexual assault happened - - there is no denying she was sexually assaulted the night of her murder.  The DNA found mixed with her blood is evidence that is used to clear suspects.

  • Burke’s behavior according to people who knew him - - Are you talking the tabloid trash talk?  Judith Phillips' whine that he wouldn't hug her after?  Give me a break!  He did well in high school, went to college and has done well.  No police record, never locked away for psychiatric issues.  He lives on his own, has friends and lives the easy life thanks to all the lawsuits he won against people telling those kinds of stories about his "behavior".  But I have yet to see anyone come out and tell a true story that put him in a bad light.  His friends who have come online have never said bad things.  A few anonymous posters with theories have, but not real people.

  • the clumsiness and inexperience of the crime itself - - - Yet he is still free.

  • suspicions of those closest to the Ramseys - - If you are referring to the Whites, I have Fleet's deposition and he never believed the Ramseys did it.  He was confused by Steve Thomas and others but did not cross that line.

  • fibers belonging to parents in areas of interest. Not one, but both. - - Secondary transfer, they had been with her all day and carried her and undressed her for bed.  More important are the numerous fibers that were on her body and NOT sourced.

  • James Kolar’s book - - IMO, he is an ass and a liar.  But don't take my word for that - in his own book, read the letter DA Mary Lacy wrote to him saying his fantasy was just WRONG.

  • Burke admitting he was up - - - he was not up at the time of the murder.  

  • Burke’s prints on the pineapple bowl - -  which he was never asked about.  Most likely it was a snack he got out Christmas afternoon 

  • Burke’s DNA all over the Barbie pajamas found next to the body - Really?  All over?  There was a spot on the bottom that was tested and his DNA was found.  Could be he had sat next to her watching TV and touched her or that he stepped on the hem at some point.

  • No one trying to track down a killer to date   - - - that job belongs to law enforcement.  The Ramseys don't have the files needed to track down leads and tips.  But I will admit the lack of BPD involvement at this point is disgusting - - they should work the case or give it up to a cold case squad.
Susan Young aka Samarkandy posted this

IMO it is not appropriate to link the Fernies and the Whites together regarding their behaviour after the murder. I don't subscribe to u/jameson245's idea that investigators were leaning on the White's and planting ideas in their heads. The Whites IMO know things about the murder that they don't want the public or anyone to ever know about so IMO as far as the Whites go it is more a case of them leaning on the police and planting ideas in their heads. As far as the Fernies go, I think the friends of the Ramseys were too intelligent to take on board any false information from the police. I think Barb was concerned about Patsy and IMO she was right to be concerned, IMO Patsy knows more than she ever revealed but I'm way out on a limb all alone here, I know

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