October 3, 2001 - Jazzy confession
Oct. 03, 2001 - Ramsey Update #83
Ramsey Case Update #83
Oct. 3, 2001
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Boulder Police determine that online "confession" to Ramsey murder was hoax
Boulder Police detectives have determined that an online "confession" to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey was a hoax.
A tip was forwarded to the police department several weeks ago that a "confession" to the Ramsey murder was posted on an Internet bulletin board. Investigators filed a search warrant for America Online (AOL) to discover the identity of the person who posted the message. The message claimed that the person had been a witness and reluctant participant in the murder.
After learning the identification of the AOL subscriber known as, "BnJazzy4ever45" detectives went to the person’s location and interviewed them. Detectives determined from their investigation that the "confession" was a hoax and that "BnJazzy4ever45" has no connection to the homicide. The person who posted the "confession" message is a 14-year-old juvenile.
"We would like to thank the local law enforcement agencies and the FBI for their assistance in this location," said Police Chief Mark Beckner.

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