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Boyles, Darnay and LHP
[color=var(--primary-text)]June 9, 2000 - LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH INTERVIEW (with her attorney Darnay Hoffman), Peter Boyles Radio Show [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: Joining us is Linda Hoffmann-Pugh. [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Good morning.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: When we first met, you firmly believed PR was innocent. What changed?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMAN-PUGH: A lot of different things.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: When you were defending her, you didn't know they were giving you up.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: While the coroner was on his way, [to the Ramseys' house] they were already on their way to Linda's house.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: What time did they arrive at your home?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: 7 p.m. They wanted me to sit down at the table. [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: How long was it before you knew PR had fingered you?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMAN-PUGH: A long time really...[not until the book] "Perfect Murder"...[was published February 23, 2000][/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: You were just the first of many they've fingered.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: Right. In their book, they talk about how Linda made the comment about how beautiful JBR was.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Nedra said she was worried about the kids going out alone because she was worried about them being kidnapped, and then she turned around and said I said it.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: They're off the scale for doing that...Do you watch them now? Is the Patsy Ramsey on these shows remind you of the Patsy Ramsey you knew?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)] LINDA HOFFMAN-PUGH: No...I see a very different person. She was kind.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: One issue is Patsy Ramsey's make-up. In the multiple lies of John and Patsy, there are three different versions.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Patsy NEVER got dressed to go downstairs to make coffee, she'd go down in her robe, and then go back upstairs to get dressed and put on makeup. I don't believe she ever got undressed. [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: For her to be dressed identically, did you ever know PR...What was her wardrobe like?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Nordstrom....the only thing I ever saw her wear twice maybe were a pair of jeans.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: Look what she was wearing two days in a row, festive clothing.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES - [The room JonBenet was found in] they call the room the wine cellar.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: The truth is, I don't believe a stranger or intruder knew the room was there. I was there 13 months, it was Thanksgiving, before I ever knew it was there. [/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: I want to end with the handwriting, but let's get back to the bathroom...she had her own bathroom, she lived the life of a princess...what do you think happened?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)] LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: I know on Monday, the last day I was there, PR got upset with JBR, and my daughter saw her take her into the bathroom and close the door...I don't know what she did in there.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: You believe PR killed JBR.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: I do.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: I believe what you believe. Why do you think PR wants America to believe she's the victim?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: I think she believes she didn't do it. She's lost it that way. I don't think she meant to hurt her. We could talk all day about a lot of things.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: The note itself...the real centerpiece is the alleged ransom note.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: It's the only piece of evidence that doesn't have an innocent explanation.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: I think that "don't grow a brain John" sounds like PR. I've heard her say phrases like that.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: You said that after you saw the note how a chill ran down your spine.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: The "R's" look like her writing (another letter)[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: My experts are working pro bono. I've submitted four samples in the Chris Wolf case.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: What conclusions have you arrived at?[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: My conclusion is Patsy Ramsey killed her. I believe like Steve Thomas does, I wholeheartedly believe what he does.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: What started out as selective appearances, now releasing sketchman...why wasn't sketchman in the book...the whole thing.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]LINDA HOFFMANN-PUGH: Something they cooked up to keep the focus off of them.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: They're like a virus, a cancer...they're trying to change the First cover up a horrendous child murder...the Ramseys are dead set on doing something like McCarthyism over this case.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: They make these veiled threats...but they're always centered around their son...they threaten me, through Lin Wood.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: They've threatened the governor of Colorado, how dare they.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: He's going to have to do it or get off the pot.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: They sued the New York Post, they'll be lucky they're not sanctioned...Lin Wood sued over a cartoon.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]PETER BOYLES: You're very brave Linda.[/color]
[color=var(--primary-text)]DARNAY HOFFMAN: The only person looking out for JBR is the housekeeper.[/color]

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