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The Jaguar was not searched
The Ramseys owned a jaguar.  It was in the garage when they left on December 26th and remained there until mid-March of 1997.  At that point, a family friend took it and used it for a matter of months.  At one point, she cleaned it out and was surprised to find a FAX of at least a dozen pages in the glove compartment.  The FAX was from the summer of 1996 and it listed bonuses awarded to CEO's of many companies - - including Access Graphics.
The point is, anyone creeping around the Ramsey property could have seen that FAX - - but it is much more likely the FAX had been sent out to others on that list as well as John.  John's bonus was NOT a well-kept secret.  

Another situation that shows that the search was either incomplete - - or biased.  The BORG would not have wanted to deal with that document.  That would have meant an intruder COULD have found the number....  but I think it would be ignored more because the BPD didn't want the task of following up on everyone who received the information. 

(filed under $118,000)

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