Foyer party - Patsy speaking
Boulder, Colorado
December 13, 1996   

60 Guests in
Ramsey House

Everybody brought
alcohol but not food. There wasn't enough food, Patsy had to order more food

Foyer Christmas Party at Ramsey House in Boulder

TRIP DeMUTH: Do you remember what your children did during that party, during the dinner (snip) "where they being baby-sat somewhere else?" (snip) PATSY RAMSEY: I think they were around. I don't know if they came down and kind of left me their bowls and went back to play." (snip) "I do remember once we didn't have enough food and I had to call Treiling (phonetic) and order every piece of chicken wing and roll they had. Could have been you know -- everybody brought alcohol but not food, you know, everybody was supposed to bring something. There wasn't enough food." [Patsy 6/98 BPD Interview]

LOU SMIT: Was JonBenet visible at that time in the house? JOHN RAMSEY: "I am sure she was, yeah. She -- but I can't visually remember her being there, but I am sure she was. Had to be." [John 6/98 BPD Interview)

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