Carol McKinley talking to Peter Boyles
August 4th, 1999

"I started listening to some of the detectives, and the scientists, and people from different departments... people who had rifts before, and they all seem to be telling me that they believe JonBenet clawed at her neck as she was dying.  There are some marks on the autopsy report that are called "non-patterned marks", in other words, there's the furrow from the ligatures, then there are bruises and abrasions which are non-patterned, which means they are not in the pattern of the line that the furrow made, and they're in the left, right and center of her neck.  And it's consistent with her own clawing, that she clawed herself as she was dying, or trying to get a breath.  And that was opposite of what I had thought, which was that she was hit on the head so hard that she was just knocked out and never came to again.  To me, the big part of that is, that even after this long, it kinda gave me a stomach turn thinking about how she died...  you know it's different if she died with unconsciousness and never really felt anything after that, but if we know she was gasping for breath and trying to get a finger underneath that cord, as she was dying, it just makes us look at it a little differently.

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