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Fleet White - 12/29/1996
Quoting Fleet White in a statement dated 12/29/1996

First on the Ramsey family - (Not sure exactly what the question was but here is the exact response)

"There's absolutely nothing about the Ramsey family, there's absolutely nothing about the Ramsey family that I know of that would.... there, there's no, there's noting about Patsy, there's nothing about John, there's nothing about JonBenét or Burke that, I mean  (redacted section).  And there's absolutely nothing that you could say about the Ramseys that - - - they're just wonderful folks.  You know?  And they have a good time together, they have a great time with their kids, their kids get along.  No one ever raises their voice, there's never any disharmony in their kids, no disharmony between Patsy and John.  There's no, there's not even a glimmer of it.

And on Burke leaving the house:

"At some point, probably 45 minutes into this, I don't really know, half hour, 45 minutes into this, by this time Barbara Fernie was there.  It might have been Barbara Fernie and I, maybe Priscilla and I, maybe Pricilla, Barbara and I, I don't know, somebody, but it was one of that group, we just thought, "What do we do with Burke?  You know?  He's upstairs asleep.  We can't let him wake up and walk down on this."  And so, this is probably around 7 o'clock. I, you know, we decided he'd come to our house.  Our kids, by that time our kids would have been up.  And we had four adults here, house guests, at the time, so, you know, that's why... out kids are there, that's why we could go down to the Ramseys.  So we thought that would be a perfect deal, you know, it's close.  We'll just get Burke in the car.  And then shortly after that we decide that we needed to go down and get the Fernies' kids because they were home alone.  That was Eliza and Luke.  So, I said I'll, we'll go up and get Burke and get going.  

I asked John to go wake up Burke  since I thought it would be better than John, you know, his dad wake him up than me go up, you know, waking him up.  So we both went up the stairs.  John went in.  I think he turned on the light.  Opened the door, flicked on the light, woke Burke up, and then Burke started, you know, to get up. 

I went back downstairs and for some... I don't know why I went back downstairs.  Maybe there was nothing I could do up there until Burke got dressed or something, so I just went back downstairs.  I probably went down and held Patsy or something, I don't know.  

So then, a few minutes later, I went back up and in the meantime, John had come back down.  John came back down almost immediately, as I recall.  He came back down.  Whether it was a...  you know, in any event, he came back down.  So I went back upstairs and helped Burke get dressed, got him ready to go.  I don't remember what that meant, I think I, you know, helped him put his shoes on, I don't know, and kind of got him going.  

And Burke.... and then Burke went over and picked up a new Nintendo game that he just got for Christmas and another toy, kind of a car on a track or something.  I'm not sure exactly what it was, with very small little cars, which I'm pretty sure he'd also just gotten for Christmas.  he kind of gathered, gathered those up and he walked, starting walking out and then I pulled his blanket up and his bedspread and threw the pillow on the bed.  Kind of made his bed.  

And then we walked downstairs and what'd I do?  We walked down the front stairs into the entry and I, and we just walked out the front door to my truck, which was parked in front of the house.  And I thought what I would do is get Burke up here first, drop him off.  get him squared away, and then go up to, rather than drive him all the way up to the Fernies' and back, I'd just drop him off and then go get the Fernie children.  So I did that. 

I brought him up and he got out of the car, walked up the stairs where, up to where I think my son was still asleep... or, I don't think that.  He was probably just kind of getting up, or he was awake.   he saw Burke was there, which was great.  So they went in and laid on our bed and plugged in a Nintendo game into our TV at the foot of our bed and started playing Nintendo."

Detective Linda Arndt asked, "What was Burke told about why he was coming over to your house?"

Back to quote from Fleet White:  "He didn't, he wasn't told anything.  Not a thing.  I don't remember telling him anything.  The only person who would have told him anything was me, and I, as far as I know, and I, I did leave the bedroom.  It's possible that John told him something, but if he did, I have no knowledge of what it was.  Other than John Ramsey, the only person who could have told him anything about the situation would have been me."
OK, so other people in the house were interviewed and heather Cox, one of the people staying with the Whites, reported that when Fleet brought Burke to his house early on the 26th, he was talking to Burke, asking him questions. Did he hear anything during the night, had he gotten up, that kind of thing. Transcript of the interview on file., but really nothing more than what I have here.
She also described Priscilla calling the house and telling them to bring Burke back home, that they had found JonBenet. When they pulled up to the Ramsey house, Fleet came out and told them to bring Burke BACK to his house. He said Priscilla should not have called asking he be returned to his own home. Burke didn't get upset, he was just following instructions from the adults. The adults felt he had NO idea what was happening, no idea his sister had been killed, hurt, abducted.
NO DATE - according to Steve Thomas in his book, pg 187?, Priscilla said she had been told by the DAA (Hunter) that the Ramseys were involved.

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