Basement clean, paint, carpet fall 1994
Boulder, Colorado
Fall 1994

Basement Painted
New Carpet

Basement Painted and new carpet in basement 755 15th Street

"TRIP DEMUTH: Was there some time that you had the basement painted? PATSY RAMSEY: Yeah. TRIP DEMUTH: When was that? PATSY RAMSEY: That was before the home tour. That would have been like the fall of '94, we had it painted and the carpet laid down there." [0353-19 Patsy BPD Interview 6/98]

[Image: 08051998JBA-060button.jpg]
Boulder, Colorado
December 3, 1994

House Tour
1,500-2,000 Guests

Historic Homes for the Holidays Tour and "A Colorado Christmas" Video

"Visitors recall her greeting them at the door with JonBenet and Burke by her side, all of them in matching sweaters. Featured in JonBenet's room were her trophies, sashes, and medals." [9/16/97 Vanity Fair] - "The basement was converted into a bustling headquarters for the guides and servers as some two thousand people visited. Ten volunteers manned the house every hour" [STpg83]
Boulder, Colorado
December 1994

Gingerbread House
A Gilberto Rubio Gingerbread House duplicate of 755 15th Street

"He was a friend of Bob Wallace's" (snip) "Gilberto Rubio was a pastry chef in Denver, so they told me. A friend of Bob's. And he photographed the house and then built a gingerbread house to look like our house." (snip) "I think just one occasion he came in, delivered the house, and you know, touched it up, the frosting and...." [Patsy 6/98]
Boulder, Colorado
December 1994

Christmas Party Ramsey Christmas Party 1994 (Bill McReynolds played Santa)

"With his long white beard and hair, McReynolds was a natural to play the town Santa Claus, and we had met him several years ago in a cafe on the Pearl Street Mall. We'd been having breakfast when this Santa Claus came in" (snip) "As McReynolds left, I ran out to get his name and address to invite him to come to a Christmas party I was planning. [DOIpg36]

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