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Tina Land wrote
TINA LAND wrote:
After years pf studying the evidence and taking into account all of the facts in this case, the following is my theory:  JonBenet woke up in the late evening or middle of the night and went downstairs. She got into a sibling rivalry entanglement with her brother. She was knocked unconscious.He poked and prodded her with his toy train tracks to try to wake her up... she wouldnt get up.. he then  made a boy scout toggle rope to try to get her to wake up (or to move her/hide her so the parents wouldnt' find her)... that is what strangled her and what was found around her neck ...(burke had knots tied in his room and hanging from a toy model airplane in his room, and he got a knot-making book that year for Christmas).... the parents subsequently found her... the scream heard by the neighbor was actually Patsy discovering her daughter... Not knowing about the law that would not allow anyone under 10 to be charged for murder... and wanting to keep up "appearances of the perfect family",,, patsy and john concocted the ransom note and played it off from there... Granted there are a lot of coincidental things that also point towards just patsy or an intruder (minimal evidence).... but my theory makes the most sense to me.... and after spending so much time researching this case, when i hear any other theory, I must question just how long and how objectively the theorist has put into his or her opinion.

My response:
WOW, Tina! Since you have spent years studying this case and seem so sure of your theory, maybe you will answer some of my questions.

1. In your theory, both Burke and JonBenet  had been put to bed and BOTH woke up later?  Do you think something woke them both up  Or was it just a coincidence.
2. In your theory, she and Burke got into an "entanglement" and that led to her being hit so hard a hole was left in her skull.  Question - there was no history of violent behavior in Burke's history, and nothing like that after.  His teachers, the parents of his friends, his friends - - no one ever saw Burke fly off the handle.  He was a calm kid.  Worse thing he did was to go complain to his mother that JonBenet was bugging him and Patsy would redirect JonBenet so Burke could do a Lego creation or play a video game without being "bugged".  That is the truth of the matter.  
3. In your theory, there two kids were fighting and they didn't wake up their parents?  No yelling?  No running?  No sign of a struggle on the first floor.  Or are you saying they went all the way to the basement to fight?
4. What do you think he hit her with?  Have you looked at photos of Burke taken that day?  He was not a big boy, he was small.  Have you looked at the photo of her skull?  That was a very hard blow.
5. So if he was in the kitchen with JBR when they fought and he knocked her unconscious, do you think he ran downstairs to get a train track to poke her with?  More running through the house making more noise? Not calling for help, he left the area to get a toy to poke her with?  I mean, he could have used anything - lots of "pokey" things in the kitchen.
6. Or are you saying they were downstairs fighting, in that cluttered basement when upstairs there were new Christmas toys.  OK, your theory.  But do you realize the train tracks would only have fit the wounds if they were broken and deformed?  And the wounds wouldn't be the same as electrical burns  - Dr. Mike Doberson, the stun gun expert, would swear in court those wounds were stun gun injuries.
7.  The you think the kid made a garrote to wake her up?   What?  
8. There was no evidence anywhere that Burke got a knot-making book that year for Christmas.  Where are you getting that from?
9.  The evidence found on her neck shows she fought to remove the cord from around her neck.  Are you discarding that evidence or do you think Burke just didn't notice her struggling?
10.  You have the scream coming from Patsy finding the body.  I am trying to imagine how that works.  She finds her daughter's body and simply does nothing to help her.  Instead she leves the cord on her neck and turns her attentions to Burke - calms him down and sends him to bed telling him to keep his emotions hidden (if he had any) and keep the secret.   She trusts that he won't tell anyone what happened because.....  why?  I mean, really, Patsy took some heavy meds later, she wasn't in control of him, Burke was talking to the Whites, the cops, the rest of the family and their friends - - and you think Patsy just knew Burke wouldn't let anything slip?   Seriously, what happened THERE, according to your theory.
11. So Patsy sends Burke to bed and she figures the best thing to do is write a ransom note.  Not mention JBR by name, ask for a really LOW ransom amount so the cops wouldn't think it was a person with money, they'd think it was, maybe, a person who would think $118,000 was a fortune.  She'd write 2 1/2 pages and not tke the body from the house. Does that makes sense to you?
12.  Have you tried disguising your own handwriting?   Do me a favor.  Sit down and write the lyrics to some song you know well but every time you write a VOWEL, substitute something else - - just worry about changing FIVE LETTERS out of 26.  For the a, make an apple shape.  For the e, an oval for an egg shape.  For I, use a square for an ice cube.  For the o, write the number 8 because octopuses have 8 legs.  For the u, make an arrow pointing up.    Make a cheat sheet so you have the substitutions right there in front of you.  Then write the lyrics of a song and see how far you get before making a mess.  Remember, the ransom note had no "bleeding" - it was written at a normal speed.  Write at a steady pace and see what happens.  Then consider the emotions that must have been in play no matter WHO wrote that note if it was written after strangling a struggling child.   I think it might make you think twice before accusing Patsy of writing the note when the handwriting experts said it was highly unlikely.   That handwriting will match the author's historical handwriting and should be considered good evidence.

I believe you read a few BORG books, theories, and were mislead.  But please do answer these questions so we understand you more.

Then - - can we know where you think the cord and tape and Hi-Tech boots came from and went to?  The police can't link any of those things to the Ramseys or the house  (See how good I was not asking you where the stun gun got off to?).

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