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Don't know who the author is but what follows was online.

On the Whites: “Priscilla had an opinion about everything. She viewed herself as the moral authority on all matters. They were California Republicans who had come to Colorado for a quieter, slower pace life for their kids. My husband liked Fleet but said that in the aftermath of the murder he changed. My husband felt uncomfortable around him and said that Fleet kept making comments that were concerning. He called Fleet about three weeks after the murder to check on him and Fleet went on a rant about how JonBenet’s death was a Boulder only issue and outsiders shouldn’t be worried about it. He then he said he was going to go to the Mayor and ask her to expel all non-local media from the city. My husband taught constitutional law for fourteen years and told Fleet that something like that would be illegal and impossible. Fleet didn’t care. Then sometime later I ran into Fleet at the grocery store, he pulled me aside and put his hands on my shoulders and said “Look, you and [Witness’ Husband Name Redacted] are on our team, right?” I had no idea what he was talking about and I told him that. He leaned closer and his grip on my shoulder tightened. “Priscilla and I need to know that we can count on you.” I was startled and honestly a bit scared. I politely told him that I had to leave because I was in a hurry and left the store as fast as I could. I remember driving home and feeling very uneasy. I kept checking my rear view and side mirrors. Once I pulled into the garage I let the door close all the way before getting out of the car. We still see [i]the Whites around the city, but they don’t acknowledge us at all. Once I said hi to Priscilla as she walked past me and she just rolled her eyes and kept going.”[/i]
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That reporter from the Globe, Jeff Shapiro, apparently became really close to Alex and was getting a lot of good information from him but when the Boulder police found out it caused some drama. Fleet called my husband and told him that a detective had told him that Alex was giving information to reporters. I think Fleet expected my husband to be equally upset but he wasn’t because by then we knew how high-profile the case had become. Later on a mutual friend told us that Fleet tried to confront Jeff Shapiro and it ended with Fleet chasing him down in his car and going over the curb. Again this is something that never made sense to us. Why would the police inform Fleet about the D.A.’s activities and why would Fleet feel the need to confront a journalist when he and Priscilla were doing exactly what my husband and I were doing and not talking to them.”

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