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Professor Matrix v steve Singular
Posted by Professormatrix
One of the most perplexing and mysterious episodes of the JonBenet Ramsey saga was the case of Nancy Krebs, a California woman, who came forward and made explosive claims against the family of Fleet and Priscilla White. This became one of the most vehemently debated subjects of the case with some dismissing Krebs as a psychologically disturbed woman and nutcase and others saying that she deserved to be heard. Below, I have provided a brief summarization of the events surrounding the Krebs saga. I encourage you to draw your own conclusions. The following information was obtained from police interview transcripts, the White’s public statements, and other open source methods. No media publications were relied on. The reader should remember that while some of Nancy Krebs’ claims regarding the Ramsey case and her own sexual abuse were never proven to be true, there is however a lot that can be corroborated.
[Image: pixlr.jpg?w=1024]Photographs of Nancy Krebs as a young child.
Background: Nancy Krebs contacted Boulder-based lawyer, Walter Leon “Lee” Hill, after seeing him on television discussing the Ramsey case. Hill was commenting to reporters about how strange it was that the Boulder police did not want to see his deposition of John Ramsey. Hill had filed a lawsuit against John Ramsey and the National Enquirer on behalf of a Boulder photographer named Stephen Miles. Hill decided to represent Krebs and bring her to the attention of the Boulder authorities. The events that followed were not only strange and frightening but at times extremely confusing.
Hill and Denver-based journalist and author, Stephen Singular, met with District Attorney Alex Hunter and his office’s Chief Investigator, Linda Wickman, on February 15th 2000. Hill stated that his “witness” has had a lifelong relationship with the White family that could be proved and she had information regarding child sexual abuse activities that could send the Whites to prison along with many other people. Hunter pressed both men for details, raising questions about potential motives, locations of where alleged crimes had occurred and other areas of interest. Hill said that Fleet White Sr. (father of Ramsey friend, Fleet White Jr) had offered his witness $75,000 to keep her mouth shut and come visit him in Aspen, Colorado. Singular brought up multiple aspects of the case that he believed warranted further investigation. He was entertaining the possibility that JonBenet had perhaps been killed outside of the home and then returned to one or both parents. Singular also encouraged Hunter’s office to look into Chris Wolf again because he may have information about the crime and its perpetrators, even if he himself was not directly involved. Singular then theorized that JonBenet may have been killed in the presence of three people, one being Fleet White Jr, a second man who was a videographer in the Boulder area, and a third man who was the actual killer that did not reside in the area. With all of these sensational and unproven possibilities being presented to him, Hunter agreed to move forward.
-Fleet White Sr. did own property in Aspen, Colorado (827 E Dean St).
-Chris Wolf has no alibi for the night of the murder.
-Chris Wolf’s girlfriend did suspect him of being involved in JonBenet’s killing.
-The physical & forensic evidence does NOT indicate JonBenet was killed outside of her home.
On February 22, 2000, Lee Hill, Nancy Krebs, Alex Hunter and Detectives Trujillo and Heidel sat down for a formal interview. Krebs presented the photographs in her possession and correctly identified all members of the White family. She then presented a letter from Nyla White (wife to Fleet White Sr. & mother to Fleet White Jr) that had been sent to Krebs’ own grandmother. The detectives then commenced the background portion of the interview. Krebs stated that she knew the Whites since she was three years old and they were friends of Krebs’ parents and grandparents. The detectives then turned their attention back to the letter from Nyla and note “that there are some subtle things going on here.” Krebs states that when she neared the age of four, Fleet White Sr. began to sexually assault her. Krebs then states that Lani White (daughter of Fleet Sr./Nyla and sister to Fleet White Jr.) was also present during the assaults. Krebs states that she believes Fleet White Jr. as a minor was “made to do things to me.” Krebs states that Fleet Sr. last assaulted her in August 1980 and Fleet Jr. last assaulted her sometime between 1976 and 1978. The detectives then produce a photograph of a man’s mugshot from California and Krebs’ identifies him as Mackie Boykin, a man who pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting her. Krebs then presents the will of her grandmother’s second husband, which was witnessed and signed by Fleet Sr. and Nyla White. Krebs then makes a very interesting comment that is corroborated by her photographic evidence. She states that when she was younger, she had blonde hair and a slender body, similar to JonBenet.
Krebs states that the last time Fleet White Jr. sexually abused her was some time between 1976-1979. Fleet White married Priscilla Brown in 1979.
-The letter from Nyla White to Krebs’ grandmother further corroborates the two families connection.
-The last will of Krebs’ grandmother’s second husband being signed by Fleet Sr. and Nyla White indicates trust and closeness between the two families.
-Krebs possessing family photographs of the Whites and being able to identify them by face indicates proximity and familiarity to and with them.
-Krebs having knowledge of Lani White being Fleet White Jr.’s sister again indicates having intimate knowledge of the White family.

Singular protested - his post follows.   
  • [color=var(--primary-text)][color=var(--primary-text)] I'd like to clarify a few things. First of all, if the author of the above article had contacted me, I would have provided him accurate information about what he's written. "Singular then theorized that JonBenet may have been killed in the presence...." this last statement is erroneous. I never suggested anything to Hunter about three people being present when JonBenet was killed and never said this about Fleet White, Jr. I have never said that I know who was present or who killed JonBenet. I will also leave a reply on the website's "Leave a Reply Page. This is totally inaccurate information and the writer is putting false words in my mouth. - Stephen and Joyce Singular[/color]

  • [color=var(--primary-text)][color=var(--primary-text)]The responsible thing for the moderators of this site, would be to take this erroneous post down. Stephen and Joyce Singular

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