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Charlie Brennan IDI
Charles Brennan - “I’ve come to believe the family was not involved”
DNA in doubt article was published on 10/27/2016 by Charlie Brennan. A little over a month later, on 12/11/2016, Brennan states he's come to believe the family was not involved.

A portion of the above linked article reads:

"The biggest mistake in this case is that there was a phenomenal number of people who decided on the first day that they knew what happened, and they would not allow new information to change that, and that boggles my mind,” says journalist and Boulderite, Charlie Brennan, who has been covering the story from its first days.
Brennan says: “In 2000, I wrote a piece that ran in the Dallas Morning News pointing out that, nine months after this crime, someone broke into a house near the Ramsey house and was in the process of assaulting a nine-year-old girl in the middle of the night and was chased out by her mother. The girl went to the same dance studio as JonBenét. The police said they believed it had no connection to the Ramsey case.”
After writing about the case for 20 years, Brennan says he has come to believe the family weren’t involved: “If you look at the autopsy photos and you see the deep furrow in her neck created by that ligature, you see a tremendous amount of force was used. That does not suggest staging to me – the person who did it, meant it. But the Ramseys have nothing in their background to suggest that this level of evil dwelled in their hearts,” he says. But this theory, like the ones about whether the Ramseys behaved how they were “supposed” to, relies on imagining how we would behave if our child had been killed, or if we had killed them accidentally. But no one can do that accurately. And anyway, it’s irrelevant, since the case is about the Ramseys, not anyone else.

“I’ve covered lots of big stories: the Challenger, presidential elections. But this – it is something that I’m thinking about all the time,” says Brennan. “It is an impossibly complex, seemingly unsolvable riddle.” It is also the death of a child, killed with shocking brutality. But it’s hard to see the truth beneath the schlock.

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