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Ken Mains' Youtube figuring
Means has bought into the BORG myth of Burke being a feces house painter. Not one piece of evidence anywhere of that - - that was a very vile rumor promoted heavily by a BORG poster named Gail. She was a truly warped individual with mental issues and a vicious personality. She claimed she got that from nanny Shirley Brady. But I have letters Shirley wrote to the Ramseys before and after the murder and NOTHING in them matches what is included in the myth attributed to her.
As a baby, I would expect Burke, like many other babies, could have smeared feces on his bedding, a wall next to the crib. I remember cleaning such messes when caring for toddlers, not going to say it couldn't have happened with Burke. But it wasn't happening in 1996!
There WAS a smudge on the bathroom wall once, near the toilet paper roll. A housekeeper was told by the grandmother that the bathroom needed to be cleaned and apparently the housekeeper didn't appreciate the duty. That would appear to be true. But that is far removed from the BORG myth that is shared today.
Means said, and I quote, "Steve Thomas, I think, did a fantastic job and as a matter of fact i believe the Boulder police
all did a fantastic job with this case and that's my opinion"


If that is Means' idea of good policing, I can just say he scares me.
Mains concluded, "It is my opinion that the murder of JonBenet Ramsey was either Burke, Patsy or John - somebody from inside that
house ."

A true BORG. Amen.

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