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Open doors and windows
Trip Demuth was charged with making a presentation to the Boulder police showing them the weaknesses in their case against the Ramseys.  This is one way we can tell what evidence the police had, what they didn't have.

This thread will have quotes about the unlocked doors and windows that are in the report. 

"There were at least seven doors or windows that the police found open."
"The defense will ask why is the butler kitchen door was open before it's light outside? How do you prove this door wasn't left open by an intruder?

The defense will ask about the den room window that was opened. Wickman demonstrated how someone could have entered there. The defense will as why it wasn't documented in the reports. The jury will want you to prove there wasn't entry there.

The same is true with the southwest window well.

"You should discuss whether there are two different descriptions of what the cobwebs looked like? If so, what is that going to do to the impression of the police department?

The defense attorney will ask the jury
Why weren't the cobwebs photographed?
Why aren't the photographs of the grate taken before the officers moved it? What does moving the grate before it's photographed do to the valueof your crime scene photographs?
The defense will ask why are the only cobwebs seen in the videotape broken? If cobwebs were important, why aren't these cobwwebs documented in the reports?"

snip then

"The front window was opened with a wreath in front of it &two dining room windows were unlocked with statues and flower arrangements in front of them that prevented them from being opened."


"The defense will ask about the south door to the outside that was found open by Ofc. Couper. How do you prove it was locked at the time of the murder. Ofc. French admits that he said that the doors were locked only because of what John Ramsey said. How reliable is John Ramsey's statement when several windows were unlocked?

The defense will ask about Jay Pettepiece who said you could jimmy open the back garage door really easy. Did anyone check this out? How do you prove an intruder didn't go in here?

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