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from 48 Hours
    Lou Smit: "This is how I believe the killer got in."
         Erin Moriarty: (Voice Over) "Retired homicide detective Lou Smit was still working on the official
         investigation when he concluded a stranger came into the Ramsey home"

         Lou Smit: "He opened the grate and he went in..."
         Erin Moriarty: (Voice Over) "...and killed their six year old daughter."
[Image: csreddoor.jpg][Image: grass.gif][Image: cssuitcase.jpg]
         Lou Smit: "There's three windows there. The center one was the one that was open. Take a look real
         closely at the one on the left. What you're going to see is the leaves and debris pressed right up
         against the window. Now let's take a look at the one again in the center. No leaves or debris."

         Erin Moriarty: "Which says?"
[Image: 3windows.gif]
         Lou Smit: "That window was open. Directly below that open window you have a suitcase, directly
         around that suitcase you have leaves and debris from that window well around that suitcase. Also, see
         if you look very closely, you're gonna see a mark goes right down the wall."

         Erin Moriarty: (Pointing at photo of wall by window) "Right here"
         Erin Moriarty: (Voice Over) "A scuff mark that Smit believes was left from someone either climbing in
         or climbing out"

[Image: cssuitcase.jpg]
         Erin Moriarty: "And you can fit through that window?"
         Lou Smit: "Oh, without any problem."
         Erin Moriarty: (Voice Over) "In fact he has as you can see in this video shot as part of Smit's investigation."
         (48 Hours showeda tape of Smit climbing out basement window - since I have yet to figure out how to capture images off the TV to post here, I will share the image of him going IN the was from an older program.)
[Image: louwindow.jpg]
         Lou Smit: "It's much easier to go out that window if you stand on something. You put the suitcase in
         front, you step on the suitcase, and you're right out into the window well. Lift the grate - you're
         gone.  It's that easy."

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