From Linda McLean's book
Next is Susan Stine, she met Patsy in Boulder when their sons were in kindergarten. They were friends before the murder, much closer friends after.

Susan admired Patsy not only for her organizational skills but her energy and willingness to put herself out for others. Shendescribed a time when Patsy had people in her home to make decorations for a school event. People were cutting and glueing and glittering and Burke was in charge of making the lemonade And serving cookies.

"Of course, the floor was a sticky mess - but Patsy didn't seem to care a bit. John was there, too, and seemed happy to open his house to this noisey , messy group. He obviously enjoyed this beehive of activity as he talked and laughed with the children.This was a home full of love and laughter, welcoming everyone who entered Iit. No one was a stranger to Patsy and John. "

"I never thought of her as vain." " Speaking of lack of vanity, I remember seeing her at school and home without any hair and I was Iinspired by her energy and enthusiasm. Chemotherapy treatments had rendered her bald, and she had wigs that she sometimes wore. But she said they were hot and uncomfortable, and that she didn't care what she looked like. She knew the children would accept her for what she was like on the inside, not what she looked like on the outside."

Susan wrote about Patsy's strength when fighting cancer, putting on a brave face as she knew she could die without seeing the children grow up. On one particular day, Susan watched her son playing with Burke and JonBenet and said a little prayernasking God to keep her son safe and let herbe with him for a long time. She wrote that she wishes now she said the same prayer for Patsy.

" I have known Patsy before, during and after her horrible loss. I have seen her in situations from profound happiness to the depths of grief and I know what a wonderful human being she is. I have watched John and Patsy endure the worst kind of cruelty imaginable, and yet their faith in God and in each other never waivers and their love for their family pulls them through. They have persevered with a dignity and courage that is seldom seen in this world. I am proud to be their friend; I will always be their friend."
I think this family needs a closer look in the Jonbenet mystery. They were not called to come over the morning of the kidnapping.  The boy (Doug) testified at the grand jury trial. The let the Ramsey's come into their house but we're not close friends. They were the last to see Jonbenet alive outside the family. They gave up good jobs to follow the Ramsey's to Atlanta. All these coincidences lead me to belive they know something or were involved. Talk about hiding in plain sight
I will say this. I know they were not the closest friends, but I have find in the darkest times you find aid and comfort from the most unexpected sources and oftentimes the people you may have thought would be your rock.... are pillers of sand that vanish with a bit of pressure.

The Stines - like Linda Hoffmann, Judith Phillips and the Whites - defended the Ramseys in the beginning. Linda lost her job and the loan she was promised never was delivered - - and when the tabloids came paying for negative opinions of the people she at first said were a great family..... she turned and was well paid. Judith defended the Ramseys but when she found the protective (possibly over-protective) Susan Stine tossed Judith (who she felt was drunk and KNEW was wanting to sell her photos) from her house, the woman scorned took out her wrath on the Ramseys, made good friends with the tabloid crew - - really good friends. She ended up divorced, later marrying a man who was not working for the tabloids but was... well, let's just say he was as close as a non-employee could get. Her husband remains a friend of John Ramsey and his wife. The Whites - they have never accused the Ramseys of this crime, Fleet was clear in his deposition in the Chris Wolf case that he couldn't imagine JonBenet was killed by her family. But his treatment by police, IMO, left him a confused and conflicted man whose actions have been misread by the BORG.

Moving on.
The Ramseys stayed with the Fernies yet you don't think they were more than friends. Their silence doesn't seem to disturb you. I find that interesting.
They stayed with Jay Elowsky who showed his temper when he assaulted a media person - yet you don't seem concerned by that.

But you suspect possibly the Stines because they chose to let the Ramseys live with them and later moved to Atlanta - - not only to be near their friends but for a change of job? That may have been an exciting upgrade, have you thought of that? (I honestly don't know if they had earlier ties to Atlanta but think that may well be possible. Would that make a difference to you?)

They did have their DNA taken, were interviewed more than a couple times and did speak to the grand jury. All that is true and I applaud the BPD for taking that much time with them to ask questions. I just think it is a shame they didn't also allow the Ramseys themselves to appear in that grand jury chamber - That makes me believe Michael Kane didn't want the grand jury to hear what the Ramseys might have been able to add to the discussion.

I have met the Stines. Never really spoke to the husband but have spoken to Susan several times in person and more on the phone and in email. I have found her to be protective of Patsy when she was still alive but always willing to talk and answer questions and..... I don't believe for a minute any of them were involved in this. They were just GOOD friends - and I hope if I am ever in a spot as bad as the Ramseys were I have a friend like her.

I've heard the term 'sunshine friend' and I think the opposite sometimes appears: when its really a dark and stormy time, a loyal and helpful person can appear and make sacrifices when they are needed. I see no involvement in the crime, just someone willing to do more than a cot and a donut the way the red cross does after a devastatig fire.
Susan and I have had our good and bad moments, but I will say she is a good person and the Ramseys were lucky to have her on their side when the media was turning most of the world against them. I think she and her family paid a price for that friendship but she has the satisfaction of knowing she stood on the right side and never let the bastards wear her down. Kudos to her.
(08-02-2017, 02:08 PM)jameson245 Wrote: Susan and I have had our good and bad moments, but I will say she is a good person and the Ramseys were lucky to have her on their side when the media was turning most of the world against them.    I think she and her family paid a price for that friendship but she has the satisfaction of knowing she stood on the right side and never let the bastards wear her down.  Kudos to her.

Is it true that the Steins would not let law enforcement interviewed their son?  What could the boy know?  Why did Susan have to impersonate Chief Buckner? That's interfering with a murder investigation. A lot of intruder theorists are willing to implicate the rest of the Ramsey's friends as suspects but why not the Steins?
The Steins cooperated fully with police - they were all interviewed and all gave DNA samples.

What could the boy know? I am guessing they wanted to know if Burke ever spoke like he was afraid of his parents or jealous of his sister, if he talked to Doug about how JonBenet was killed or what he heard and saw the night of the murder. The Ramseys lived with the Stines for quite a while, I am sure the police could think of a lot of questions.

Susan didn't need to impersonate Beckner and I am sure she regrets that rather silly antic. I don't think what she did interfered with the investigation - she wrote a letter to a reporter, she didn't bribe someone at the lab or destroy evidence.

I don't know of any intruder theorists who are really convinced it was a particular family friend. I know a couple refuse to let go of Fleet as a suspect but I think that is because of Nancy Krebs and her story. Since he was cleared by DNA, I considered him as someone who knew the answer and I still admit some days I wonder. But overall, the Ramseys said they didn't believe he was a pedophile, a sex pervert, a violent person - - they thought he was a nice guy and enjoyed his friendship. So in my mind he is clear and Nancy Krebs is a victim of someone - - not Fleet and certainly not JOhn Ramsey.

Other than that, I don't know of ANYONE seriously accusing any of the Ramsey friends. The Fernies disappeared quickly - and I think the attacks on the Stines are mostly made by people angry that the Stines didn't follow the BORG lead. I know of no true Ramsey case followers/supporters (educated on the case people, not newbies who know little) who think it was anyone close to the Ramseys.

Remember, the killer wasn't so close he worried about his handwriting being recognized. Just one point of many I would make against it being a Ramsey "friend".

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