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footprints in snow pmpt

Lawrence Schillers book
"Perfect Murder, Perfect Town

(PMPT Page 236):

"'Snow at Ramsey House Lacked Footprints' by Charlie Brennan, Rocky Mountain News, March 11, 1997, 'Police who went to JonBenet Ramsey's home the morning she was reported missing 
found no footprints in the snow surrounding the house, sources said Monday. This is one of the earliest details that caused investigators to focus their attention on the slain girls family, police sources said.'"

"John Fernie was angry when he read Charlie Brennan's story about footprints. Like many media storeis, this one fame from an unnamed source and made the Ramseys look guilty. Fernie wondered if the souce was provided the reporter with all the facts. He knew that his own footprints were there in the snow that morning. He had driven up the back alley to the Ramseys' house just after 6:00 A.M. in response to Patsys' frantic call that terrible morning. He remembered walking along the brick sidewalk to the patio door, looking through the glass panel, and reading a line or two of the ransom note, which was lying on the floor just inside the door. Then he ran through the snow-covered grass, around the south side of the house, to the front door. If the cops had been looking, they would have found his footprints. A year and half after JonBenet's death, Fernie told a reporter that the police still had not checked the shoes he wore that day, though a shoe imprint had been discovered next to JonBenet's body."

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