Jean Fortier
Lived two doors to the south, just past Diane brumfit
She reported a dark blue Astro van parked across from 755 15th Street - on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As far as is known, no one knows whose vehicle it was or who they may have been visiting (or watching).

Jean was the mother of two little girls who went to the Ramsey house to play at about 11:15 on Christmas day.

And, ironically, I believe it is the same Jean Fortier who was later Linda Arndt's psychologist or something along that line. It is somewhere in Linda's depositions for her lawsuit.
From Detective Hartkopp's report - interviewed the daughters of Jean Fortier on December 26th or 27th. Their names were Cordelia and Miranda Para-Fortier. The girls met the Ramsey children that Christmas day and played with Burke, Jonbenet and Eben Colby.

"all of the kids seemed to be happy" "did not observe the children being disciplined by the parents" "the mother, father, Burke and JonBenet all appeared to be getting along and there did not appear to be any problems."

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