Linda described a situation where a worker's carelessness caused water damage in the house.

LINDA WILCOX: I remember we walked up to the master bedroom and I showed them the bathroom and what had happened. And I said, oh I can't close the window. Well John gets in the bathtub, he yanked open the shutter and he slammed the window down. He's standing there in the bathtub with his stocking feet. I'd gotten most of the water, but it would like creep up between the tiles, and he got his feet wet. He got really ticked. You could see it in his face, it was like his eyes changed color he was so mad. But he has extreme self-control and unless you're looking for it, you miss it. But I looked at him and I thought, this guy's ticked. Although he wasn't acting it and he didn't say it, he just very calmly said, 'man I'm going to fire Jay right now, he's gonna pay for this.

PETER BOYLES: How was it Jay's fault?

LINDA WILCOX: Well, cause he left the window open. Jay forgot and left the window open and when it blew in, it turned the water on. That's what turned the water on.

PETER BOYLES: Was Jay fired?

LINDA WILCOX: Actually, he wasn't and insurance covered the cost and I guess John forgot about it.

My comment - - She said earlier that she was like "furniture" in that house, didn't spend much time with John and so on - - and now he is very upset, speaking calmly and telling her he was going to fire someone? Sorry, but John would most likely have said nothing in that situation, at least not to her. Remember, according to her, he didn't say a word when he shut off the vacuum.

I have found John to be a man who hates confrontation and understands silence is usually the better way to respond.
So none of that was especially damning, so Peter Boyles askes for her to tel the "best or most damning story" - - - REALLY, he did! This is just to show the way he was manipulating the people listening to his show as well as the guests. His ratings were soaring and while he could have sought the TRUTH, he looked for the "most damning".

I said once he was like a suppurating sore on the ass of a syphilitic whore. I knew at the time that wasn't a very lady-like phrase to put into print, but I have to say I have found nothing in 20 years to change that opinion of him.
A very nasty story about JonBenet - and I think it may actually be TRUE!

Suzanne, who by all accounts was a bit on the heavy side, was preparing to take the kids out to McDonald's to eat. " JonBenet looked at her stone cold and said, "Eating McDonalds makes you fat.""

This took place when JonBenet was 4 1/2. And I can't say I don't believe it to be true - - because kids that age are honest to a fault. And because at 4 and 7 I can picture the kids asking Patsy why people had different shapes - - why someone in particular may be FAT - - and why it isn't polite to point it out. I think that is a conversation we all have with our kids.

Again, not sure how this story made Boyles so happy - - it shows JonBenet was a normal kid. Not that she was neglected, abused or murdered by someone in her own family.
Patsy exchanged a sick dog they had just gotten for another - and apparently that is evidence of something other than wanting to protect the kids from dealing with a dog that might be ill a lot and then die. I would have done the same thing.
LOLOLOL - - she says JonBenet had no clothes of her own, she was wearing cast-offs from Burke. That is a joke. The family albums is full of photos and at every age she was dressed in girl clothes. She was a baby doll that Patsy had a ball dressing up.

Yeah, I think this woman is just a liar.
PETER BOYLES: We'll talk about the police interview and we'll talk about the books by the bed. One of the stories we broke was about John Douglas' book Mindhunter being seen in the crime scene photos. You know a little bit about books by the Ramseys beds...

MY COMMENT - - The police reports noted some books. The book is in none of those lists. If it was in any of the crime scene videos, the BORG would have pointed it out by now.

Nope, wasn't there. John said he had no idea who John Douglas was until after the murder and the evidence backs up HIS story - - not Peter Boyles'.
LINDA WILCOX: Um this was probably February sometime. But, when I talked to them, the questions were, the most memorable question was, why won't they talk to us.

PETER BOYLES: Meaning the Ramseys

LINDA WILCOX: Meaning the Ramseys. But, um

PETER BOYLES: What did you tell them when they asked you that?

LINDA WILCOX: I told them I really didn't know because they were very free about talking to everyone else about everything else. Most of the questions were concerning the Ramseys. It was rather cursory. They asked me about owning certain shoes and that type of thing. But most of it, as I recall, were questions dealing directly with the Ramseys. I was only asked about them. I wasn't even asked where I was that day.

MY COMMENT - She had a key to the house, felt she was treated like "furniture" if not rudely by the family and they didn't ask her much. Shows police bias.

To H who wants to know if I think posting my opinion might make it hard to prosecute the killer should there ever be an arrest. (By pointing out how inept the police were.) - - - NO, I don't think my opinion is going to help get the killer off. If he was in Boulder that night and his DNA matches the DNA mixed with her blood from the sexual assault - - I think any jury will be able to cast a "guilty" vote. Let the truth be told and the chips fall where they may.
Linda is the one who said the plaque said "Subic Bay Training Center" - - and that is simply not true. I have a photo of it - it is described elsewhere on the forum.

Like I said before - - BORG wanted damning stories about the Ramseys - truth didn't stand a chance.

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