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Suzanne Savage
Babysitter Burke liked, did a lot of arts and crafts with the kids.
She actually has a brother, Mark, who is listed in papers as having been hired in 1993 to be a Santa at a Christmas party.  But this is confusing because tht is the same year Bill MCReynolds started in the same position.  Maybe Savage was hired for Access graphics or the church?
June 1998 Patsy Ramsey Interrogation by Thomas Haney and Trip DeMuth (Babysitters)

7 TRIP DeMUTH: A couple of questions
8 Tom. With Evan (Eben) Colby, was there ever a time
9 when Burke and Evan were under the porch without
10 their clothes on something, like that?
11 PATSY RAMSEY: (Nodding).
12 TRIP DeMUTH: Can you tell me about
13 that?
14 PATSY RAMSEY: Well, I think
15 Cynthia (Suzanne) Savage, my housekeeper-nanny, told me
16 about that one time. They were, there isn't a
17 porch to be under, but I think Evan taught Burke
18 that it was easier to go pee-pee outside than to
19 take the time to go inside to go pee-pee, so he
20 sort of taught him how to go behind the tree.
21 Evan is a little guy.
22 TRIP DeMUTH: How little is little
23 Evan?
24 PATSY RAMSEY: Well, I want to say
25 Burke was probably six or seven, Evan was 7 or

1 8, or something like that. And Suzanne told me
2 she came out and saw -- I think she said they
3 were kind of by where we kept this trash can,
4 sort on the left side of the garage and Evan had
5 his pants down showing Burke his -- works.
6 TRIP DeMUTH: Would Burke also have
7 his pants down or not?
8 PATSY RAMSEY: I don't think
9 I heard that.
Since 1993, Savage had sat for the Ramseys only twice. Harmer still wanted to know if JonBenet had wet the bed on the nights. Savage was there. No, she said. Would JonBenet cry if she was woken up? She might have when she was three, said Savage, but she had no idea about now. Back then, JonBenet had been a sound sleeper, and so was Burke. Then Harmer asked Savage if she knew whether John or Patsy were having any affairs- then or now. She had no clue, said Savage.

At the time of her interview with Detective Harmer, Savage gave the police a writing sample. In September she would be asked to give them palm prints and fingerprints. She complied."

PMPT Page 146

Letter from Susanna Savage:

"I first met the Ramseys in 1991, when Take a Break, a professional sitting service, called me. JonBenet was seven months old.

Two years later, in 1993, Patsy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I went to work full-time for the Ramseys. It was a really hard time for Patsy. Nedra came to help, because Patsy had to be isolated from the family. She couldn't risk catching a cold or flu while she was in treatment.

I traveled with the family to Atlanta to take care of JonBenet and Burke. Patsy was open with everyone. Even if you just worked for her, she treated you like a friend. She made you feel comfortable. Nedra was different. She was the boss and you were the servant. In Atlanta I saw Patsy's pageant crowns. They were displayed in her parents' house, with pictures of her and her trophies.

JonBenet was a happy child, never really grouchy. She never fretted like some kids do when they aren't getting constant attention. Burke was quiet and self-entertaining. He liked learning to fly airplanes with his computer games. When Patsy's cancer had passed, she wanted to make up for all the time she'd lost with the children. They were a busy family, always on a schedule, but their children were on a different schedule from other kids. Patsy and John used to pick up and fly off to here and there. Not what the average Joe Blow did.

John was gone a lot. It's hard to be a style-A family when your dad is gone all the time. I think they were used to it. They accepted it. Patsy stayed home and read a lot, and she'd go to church every Sunday with the kids. The following year, JonBenet went to preschool. That's when I stopped working for them.

In 1996, Priscilla White called and asked me to watch the kids again. They were having a surprise birthday party for Patsy. I hid out in a car down the block until Patsy's friends picked her up. By then, JonBenet had changed a lot. She was taller and thinner and her hair was colored. I didn't know about her pageants until that night, when I saw all her trophies.

Then Patsy called me on December 1, the night of the Access Graphics Christmas party. She wanted me to sit with JonBenet and Burke. Patsy told me to make sure JonBenet kept her hair in rollers overnight. She had a pageant the next day. Now tell me-what kid wants to sleep in rollers?

While we were watching TV in her parents' room, JonBenet put one of her crowns on my head. Then she started doing my makeup. She thought it was funny.

PMPT Page 147

“When I came home from working at the mall on December 26, I turned on the evening news. They were talking about a child's body being found in Boulder, but they didn't mention any names. Then my friend called and said that on her station, they said the dead child was JonBenet Ramsey.

My scalp tingled and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I got really upset. Cried. Then my parents told me that Priscilla White had called but didn't leave a message.' When I called her back, she told me it was true. I couldn't think of any explanation for what had happened."

-Suzanne Savage”
2000-03-18: “Death of Innocence” written by John and Patsy Ramsey

DOI Page 82

"I took my first chemo treatment at National Institute of Health on July 27, 1993. I had just gotten plugged in to everything in the intensive care unit with the phone rang in my small room. Susanne Savage, our baby-sitter from Colorado, who was taking care of Burke and JonBenet at my parents', was calling to say that my sister Polly had gone into premature labor that morning and delivered a baby boy. He was in intensive care at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia, but would soon be transferred to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital for observation."


DOI Page 85

"My mother or John usually made the trips to Maryland with me, while Susanne Savage helped with the children"


DOI Page 218

"The Good Shepherd program is a classroom situation set up in the Montessori style of learning, with different centers placed around the room for insight and developmental experiences. For example, in one section is a little table to teach children about the Last Supper of Christ. In addition to a chalice, little figures can be placed around the table as the children learn the meaning of this event while the leader tells them the story of what happened on Maundy Thursday. Another area in the atrium has a baptismal font where children learn about their entry in the Christian life.

In the beginning, Patsy hung JonBenet and Burke's christening gown on one of the walls near the baptismal font. Our former baby-sitter, Suzanne Savage, and her parents carved and hand painted many of the little wooden figures used in the teaching, and Father Rol made a large wooden map of Jerusalem. Another man in our church built little work tables as well as a beautiful replica of our altar with everything child size. As I saw what they were learning, I thought, Boy, I would like to take this class myself!"
2000-04-11: “JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation”
by Steve Thomas and Don Davis, April 11, 2000

ST Page 45

"In-depth interviews were held with three important figures-former nanny Suzanne Savage, Ramsey's personal pilot Mike Archuleta, and the housekeeper, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh.

Savage, a religious person who had spent eighteen months on a mission for her church, had no idea that she was among the first people the Ramseys had mentioned as a possible murder suspect. She had worked as a nanny and done some light housekeeping for the family from 1992 until 1994, when the children were small, but had not worked there full-time for three years.

Savage told police that she seldom stayed overnight at the Ramsey home but had occasionally slept in JonBenet's bed and still had a house key. The Ramseys, she said, were very careful about locking their doors.

JonBenet usually slept with her door open in those days, said the nanny. This contrasted with Patsy's earlier statements that the door had been closed when she reached the room and found it empty the previous morning.

Savage had only complimentary things to say about the Ramseys and the kids. You could make Burke behave by telling him no, she said, but sometimes JonBenet had to be given a "time-out" for doing things such as stomping on Burke's Lego creations. JonBenet enjoyed riding her bike and loved cats and dogs and having people read to her. The little

ST Page 46

girl also liked to play and paint pictures in the basement, and Patsy had recently taken a class and was painting in oils.

Savage was puzzled about where the body had been hidden. The former nanny had been in the basement many times and said that someone would have to know the house well just to find the little room."


ST Page 91

"Nedra was a sad sight, With her head tilted listlessly to the side, her bathrobe hanging open, and both hands gnarled by arthritis, but she spoke almost without pause, giving us a mass of information that we would dig through for months.

She was swift to defend John Ramsey for assembling his own team of lawyers and investigators. "It's not that you folks in Boulder aren't doing a good job and can't resolve this," she said. "But it's my understanding that. . . there's never been a kidnapping in Boulder, so if you've never been on a kidnapping before, you need great minds who have done this before."

She agreed with Mervin Pugh, Suzanne Savage, and John Andrew Ramsey in thinking that no stranger could have navigated that maze of a house. "You couldn't find the basement in that house if you didn't know where it was. You know it was down, but which door would you go through to find it? There's a lot of doors that look like a basement door in that house."
Absolute quotes from Suzanne Savage:

Q.  Tell me about Burke ... what kind of kid is he?

Answer - Quote - "Out going.  He's a happy kid, likes to build things, loves Legos.  He loved to be outside and, you know, figure out how things worked.  He loved remote control cars, playing, had friends over all the time.  He would like sports.  You know, when I watched him we were in soccer.  Then he started basketball and roller blading and he really liked that stuff.  He was kind of a... ah, I don't know... he went through times where he would be quiet but  most of the time he talked a lot, like he'd talk to me and stuff so you'd know he'd be all excited about something he'd done so.... he's a good kid."

Asked about fights between Burke and JonBenét - "Well, JonBenét would like stomp on his legos and he would get mad at her and, cause like he would spend hours making all these really, you know, intricate kind of things, and she would just, you know, knock it over and, ah,    I don't really recall Burke ever hitting her, you know ... she would be more likely the one to hit Burke than Burke to hit her, just because he just wasn't  - - you knopw, he wasn't like that.  When I watched them, so, I mean, he might push her away, so then I'd keep them separated.  I don't know, you know, kind of... do diffferent things.    With Burke, you could just say "Hey, you know that's really not appropriate behavior," and he'd do - - "Stop doing that" and he would respond well to that."

She was asked about John - did he ever have a temper when dealing with the kids.  Suzanne responded - -- and I quote:  "No, not especially.  You know, I saw John get angry at Burke one time, you know, which is surprising because John just doesn't get angry.    ... Burke was doing something and he (John) took him upstairs and talked to him in his room."
the other side of Suzanne - - I found this in a transcript of a 1/1/1997 interview with __ done by Detectives Vasquez and Wyton. This witness, a woman, had spent time with Suzanne in Atlanta after one of Patsy's surgeries. She said, "She was bitter towards the Ramseys. She told me they hadn't paid her for six weeks and asked me to say something to Patsy. There was a dark side to her." snip "She was mean to Burke. (Another child) claims she was mean to Burke and hit Burke. She would not play with the children." (Apparently the boy I will not name here told his mother that Suzanne hit Burke and that information was freely discussed.)

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