Jaycee Dugard's experience
The following are excerpts from the 135 pages of Dugard's grand jury testimony unsealed by Phimister:

Dugard: And all of a sudden, his hand shoots out of the car window, and I feel this shock. And I stumble back into the, into the bushes. And...I'm sorry.

Q: That's all right. Take your time.
Dugard: He gets out and I stumble back into the bushes. I'm sitting now in the bushes, trying to get away, but I feel like my whole body is — wouldn't work. It was tingly and I can't — nothing works. All of a sudden, I'm in the car, and there's something on top of me, and I feel like there's pressure on me. ... I was put on the floorboard and then something thrown on top of me, and then legs, pressure, face down. I don't know what happened after that because I think I — because I don't remember the car pulling away, or I felt like I blacked out or something.
Q: Did you ever, do you recall, during the time while you were in the car, seeing a second person in the car?
Dugard: No. But then I could hear a voice sometime later. I don't know when. The man in the front, all of a sudden, the pressure was off, like I woke up, and I could hear the car door slam like someone was getting into the front seat, the passenger side. And the person that took me was like, handing me something to — said, 'Do you want something to drink?' And then I heard voices in the front, and the man said, 'I can't believe we got away with it,' and he started laughing.


I believe she was given a direct hit with the stun gun and that caused her to "black out" in the car.  I think when JonBenet was hit in the back she was pressed into the mattress and the voltage was so high, and she was so small, she was rendered unconscious.  Remember, we see grown men fall when zapped, but they are not being held firm and can pull away from the weapon.
Here is an old post that may be of interest

"Ouch, neighbor's kid zaps Madison with stun gun"
Posted by Dixie on Aug-11-00 at 03:31 PM (EST)
This morning Madison went to play with a neighbor's son. My neighbor is a
physician who is taking a year off with a new baby. The other child is about 6.
Anyway, he got a hold of his dad's stun gun and zapped Madison in the butt
with it. She DID NOT scream, she simply dropped like a rock (according to
the mother). She (the mom) called me, Madison was not completely
unconscious but absolutely out of it for about 10 minutes. She weighs 65 lbs.
Those are the marks that were left through her shorts, I think, cause it could
have been bare skin where it was located if she was bent over. There was
no mark on the shorts. The stun gun was a Stunmaster and the heads were
not square but if you look at the mark on the left, it is not round either like
you'd expect it to be, it is more rectangular. I only had the vid cam to take the
photo with so it's the best shot I could I could get.

The mom is an M.D. so we saw no reason to call a doctor or 911, she kept
check on Madison's vitals and they
were fine. Madison says it does not hurt. Though it may have at the time, she
doesn't "member".

This was just a fluke accident (thank God there were no loaded guns in the
house) and she did not know her
husband had left it within the child's reach. No harm, no foul but this is what a
stun mark looks like on a child taken within a few moments (about 10) of a
single discharge from a stun gun with rounded prongs. Incredible.

Now, for those of you who would ask, no, I do not think this mother was
negligent, and no I do not intend to do
anything about it. The stun gun is locked up safe and she tended to her son
over playing with it. Madison is


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