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Parents who kill
I know some parents do kill their kids, but in the end police find a reason.

They are mentally ill like Andrea Yates who drowned her 5 children

or they are heavily medicated on something that alters their personality and leads to a time of violence like David Crespi who murdered his twin daughters in NC

OR they are truly evil people who would sacrifice their babies for money  like Ronald O'Bryan who poisoned his 8 year old son with Halloween candy

or those like Diane Downs and theythye wanted a man who did not want kids..

But try as they might, police could find no evidence of anything like that in the Ramsey case.
What follows is quoted from Trip Demuth's presentation given to LE in May of 1998. His task was to put on a defense against the BORG police case, let them know what a defense might argue. It is based on the evidence they had, and what they did not have, or want.

This is what he said about the photo of JonBenet's neck and what it meant.

"there is evidence that she was still struggling at the time she was strangled.
Dr. Meyer says there aare abrasions consistant with fingernail marks on her neck. The attacker could have made them. However, they cannot eliminate the possibility that JonBenet made them. Especially when she was killed with a ligature and not a hand. Either way, it shouldn't be there if it was merely staging. Either way, it is evidence she was more than a lifeless body at the time of the strangulation.

There are also petechial hemorrages on her neck, eyes and heart. Could be caused by a scream - (snip) usually by strangulation - - which would mean she was alive when she was strangled. That is not consistant with the parents.
You can speculate that she looked dead. How persuasive is that going to be to a jury if they have evidence that her heart is still beating?
One must be careful about concluding the strangulation is simply staging.
This is complicated by the fact that she was still alive when she was sexually assaulted.
The bleeding and redness of the vaginal injury prove she was alive when an object was inserted in her vagina.
Would parents do this if they thought she was still alive?

Being alive, when strangled, being alive when molested, and a struggle on the neck, are all inconsistant with staging.
JOHN DOUGLAS - staging involves putting ligatures on the victim after death.
DR. MONTELEONE - Parents who kill usually engage in some sort of folly and do not engage in staging to this degree. He would expect to ofind some real pathology in the parents.
DR. KRUGMAN would expect to find evidence of a major pathology in the parents.
KEN LANNING of the FBI says this goes way beyond what parents would do. He expects to find evidence of a serious pathology in the parents. It would be a greater pathology than mere pedophelia.

What evidence of pathology exists?
This has been the most extensive investigation into someone's background that I have ever seen. The most unanimous image is summarized by these pictures.
(At this point, he is showing the group photos of John and Patsy taken hours before the murder. I would guess at the Whites'.)
"Their state of mind before the murder."
(He showed photos of JonBenet taken hours before the murder.)
"Was the child a problem child? This is evidence of here behavior that night.
(Apparently he showed slides that related to how others described John and Patsy.)
"Almost no one describes them as less than the perfect parents..
We may not want to consider this, but we would be remiss to ignore it."

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