Police tried to hide Lou's evidence
From "The Intruder Theory", a story published in Newsweek on 3/19/00

"Examining autopsy photos, Smit noticed unusual sets of abrasions on JonBenet's back and face. Smit wondered if they had been made by a stun gun--an unlikely weapon for a parent to use on a child. Smit measured the marks and discovered they matched a brand of stun gun called the Air Taser. He began to believe the killer may have used the stun gun on JonBenet as she slept, then carried her to the basement. The Boulder police were skeptical of Smit's stun-gun theory, and showed some of the autopsy pictures to Arapahoe County coroner Dr. Michael Doberson, who had researched stun-gun wounds. Doberson said he didn't think the marks were from a stun gun. But recently, NEWSWEEK asked Doberson to review Smit's stun-gun evidence. Doberson says the police never showed him Smit's pictures comparing the size and orientation of the marks with the electrical contacts on the Air Taser. He now calls Smit's stun-gun theory "compelling.""
The photos were too heavy to lug all the way to Doberson?

Hey folks... what the cops really wanted was to be able to echo an experts opinion and not have to echo an experts informed opinion. 

They wanted to shut up Lou Smit, he was singing off key.
The police didn't want anyone giving an opinion that supported an intruder theory so they intentionally did not present any of that information to Doberson (or, I suspect, any other "Experts" they were consulting on the case.

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