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Meyer and Deters in PMPT
John Meyer, a board certified forensic pathologist and the only pathologist who measured and closely examined the injuries on JonBenet, concluded that:

"The injuries on JonBenet's face and back were, in fact, consistent with those produced by a stun gun." (Page 431, PMPT pb)

Also, other pathologists agreed the body of JonBenet would NOT have to be exhumed to determine for sure if the injuries were consistent with stun gun injuries. The photos were proof enough.

"Soon after, Ainsworth learned of a 1988 Larimer County murder in which a stun gun had been used on a thirteen-month-old girl, Michaela Hughes, who had been sexually assaulted and killed. Ainsworth met with Dr. Robert Deters, the pathologist on the case, and showed him the autopsy photos of JonBenet. Deters agreed that the marks were consistent with a stun-gun injury, but he didn't think the body had to be exhumed. Nothing more would be learned by examining the skin tissue." (Page 431, PMPT pb)
From Paula Woodward's book, another Meyer quote - after he had "looked at the possibility extensively... I would not rule out one or the other in regard to a stun gun being used."

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