I met Rol
Father Rol Hoverstock

Pastor at St. John's Episcopal Church, 1419 Pine Street, Boulder, CO.

I personally met with Rol Hoverstock and talked to him about the murder of JonBenét and the later suspicion of her parents.  He clearly didn't want to give a "media" interview but agreed to meet with me and was very gracious.  He said JonBenét was a beautiful child, he couldn't imagine how anyone could have hurt her like they did.  He also said he was positive that her parents had done NOTHING to harm their daughter and never would have.  He felt they were being mistreated by the media and the police. 

He was clearly shook up when speaking about the day he got the call and was at the house when JonBenét's body was found.  He described the pain in that house that day and how overwhelming it was for ALL concerned, from the family to the friends to the officers who, as he reminded me, are only human too.
In 2021, an unnamed blogger wwrote this - reportedly an older woman from Boulder.

On Rol Hoverstock: “It was a Sunday at our church and the service had concluded. I was coming out of the restroom and walking down the hallway when I heard the heated conversation behind the closed door. Rol was saying “We need to move on, this church means too much to too many people.” and another voice saying “I think you’re right, we can learn from this but we have to take care of our own.” I thought I heard someone moving towards the door so I quickly moved away and headed for the parking lot. What that conversation was about I have no idea but I always remember Rol’s somber almost teary tone. When Rol passed away it was very sad for us because he meant everything to the church. He was one of God’s greatest gifts. I remember once walking into the conference room and [REDACTED], another kind soul who is no longer with us, showing Rol a piece of paper and Rol had a look of absolute terror on his face. I immediately turned around knowing I had accidentally walked into a private conversation but Rol composed himself in a flash and with a smile asked me back into the room. [REDACTED] walked out. His face was expressionless. Church gossip about JonBenet’s murder was very unpleasant. One time the ladies were doing a group discussion and we were sitting in a circular setting, kind of like an AA meeting, and JonBenet’s death came up. One lady said with a stern tone, “How can we be certain that someone from this church is not involved in this? How do we know Rol is telling us the truth about what John and Patsy have told him?” Nobody said anything and there was a pause which felt like a lifetime. I raised my head and softly said “I don’t think anybody in this church would intentionally hurt a child” Others nodded in agreement. The truth is I had no idea but felt the need to help ease the fear.”

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