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Lies told to media
We know Charlie Brenna was mislead and reversed himself more than once saying he had believed sources who had not been wrong in other stories.

He published that there were no footprints in the snow - - but the crime scene photos showed there was little to no snow on the south side of the house.

He published that John had been the pilot in the flight to Atlanta - but he was wrong there as well.

Use this thread to show examples like that.
Carol McKinley, Fox News confirming investigators telling her the shoe print, palm print and unidentified hair are all solved. The shoe print is Burke's, the palm print is Melinda's and the hair found on blanket is Patsy's.
Fox News, August 23, 2002

Well, we know they could NEVER prove the Hi-Tec print was from any footwear belonging to the Ramseys. That article of clothing could still be in someone's safekeeping and one day could surface to solve this.

We know the police were taking palm prints from people, neighbors and family and.... bottom line, I haven't seen any official document or IDENTIFIED LE person in front of a camera owning that statement. It certainly would not hurt the case for LE to say that one piece of evidence was sourced and is no longer of importance. But don't hold your breath waiting on that. I believe active investigators are still interested in sending in palmprints of their suspects just BECAUSE the prints remain unsourced.

And if the hair on the blanket was identified as belonging to Patsy, please tell me why Steve Thomas and his partnet traveled to NC to try to get a pubic hair from John Brewer Eustace.

Carol McKinley confirmed she was TOLD those things, not that she knew those to be facts supported by lab reports shared with her. Just gossip repeated as far as i can tell.
OK, so when police speak to a person in a non-accusatory way, have a dialog or a Q&A to gain information, it can be called an interview - - but it is not a "formal interview". In a formal interview the interview takes place in a controlled environment and the questions have been determined beforehand.

In his first news conference, in January 1997, Police Chief Tom Koby used the term "formal" when saying the Ramseys had not been "formally interviewed" - and he was correct. But it really wasn't honest when the BPD spokesperson, Leslie Aaholm said the Ramseys had not been interviewed on December 30thth. They had been spoken to, had answered many questions and signed documents giving the BPD access to personal records.

So we have a thread here on the first days following the murder - - and we know the Ramseys called 911, opened their house to police - answered questions enough they were accused of having several statements that disagreed - - - but on December 30th, 1996, these are the quotes from the local papers.

Rocky Mountain News - "...Police, however, have not interviewed JonBenét's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey. They're still grief-stricken. They're not in any condition to be interviewed, Police Department Spokesperson Leslie Aaholm said."

And from the Boulder Daily Camera - "They have been in no condition to be interviewed up to this point, she (Police Department Spokesperson Leslie Aaholm) said."

The police were misleading the media knowing they were causing the public to be uncomfortable with the parents, causing suspicion. From what I read later in depositions and interviews, the police did that on purpose to force the parents to go in to be interrogated (a step beyond being formally interviewed).
While the family was in Atlanta burying their baby, Leslie Aaholm was busy in Boulder telling another lie - - - that blood, hair and handwriting had been taken from John Ramsey and the other kids, but not from Patsy. In the story that ran on December 31st, in the Rocky Mountain News, Aaholm is quoted - - "I assume it's because she is still extremely grief-stricken and not in any condition to be interviewed."

Two days later, that misinformation was repeated in the Daily Camera - "Police collected blood, hair and handwriting samples from John Ramsey and his children. No samples were taken from Patsy Ramsey."

So we moved from 1996 to 1997 with "the plan" moving quite nicely. Mislead the media and put pressure on the family.
And the most STUPID quote of all - -

Boulder Mayor Leslie Durgin held a press conference that was played on every major network - - and she said

"People in Boulder have no reason to fear there is someone wandering the streets of Boulder looking for someone to attack. Boulder is a safe community and will continue to be."

Years later she was asked why she said that - - and she said it was said because she and the police didn't want anyone to panic. It was not true, of course, that police knew the streets were safe. But the misinformation sounded good to them at the time so they made it public.

Mayor Leslie Durgin: "It was done in large part to allay the fears of the children in our community and to let people know that the information that I had at the time was that we did not have some crazed person wandering the streets of University Hill."

Interviewer: - And who did you clear it with?

Mayor Leslie Durgin: "The police chief."

Shame on them.
Man: By the following day, Saturday, Dec 28th, police and media were closing on the Ramseys. That morning, Denver's Rocky Mountain News, intimated they were suspects. The story introduced the issue of footprints in the snow which began the first part of the media's case against the Ramseys -
That no one else got into the house.
C Brennan: When police first arrived, at least one officer noted in his report, thought it was worth
noting in his report, strange - no footprints.
Man: The absence of tracks in the snow was later reported as among the first clues that led police to suspect members of the family. Soon, another story appeared -- There had been no break-in. Charlie Brennan covered that too.
C Brennan: That was coming from law enforcement sources, and you know, I know that you know
this is a story that was heavily reported through unnamed sources and I'm not going to name the
source now but law enforcement sources were telling us from December that they saw no signs of
forced entry.

From JonBenet's America
Man: Then another story appeared - The room where JonBenet was found was so hidden, whoever murdered her knew the house - even the mayor of Boulder said so.
Mayor: By all reports, there were no visible signs of forced entry. The body was found in a place
where people are saying, someone had to know the house.
Man: Television hammered the message home.
American Journal - "But the biggest clue to this mystery is this maze of a house itself, this house with a hidden room where JonBenét's body was found.
Linda Hoffman - Housekeeper - I didn't even know that room was there. I cleaned that house, I
cleaned that basement many times and didn't even know that room was there.
American Journal Questioner (To Linda Hoffman) It tells you something about the killer, doesn't it?
Linda Hoffman - That's right.
Questioner - What does it tell you?
Linda Hoffman - It tells me somebody had to know that house.

From JonBenet's America
On Sunday, Dec. 29th, four days after JonBenét's murder, there was a memorial service which the church videotaped. As the Ramseys mourned their daughter, police and media had begun developing the second part of the case against them – that their behavior showed they were guilty. One story suggested John Ramsey had even left the house after police had arrived. Vanity Fair implied he had used the excuse of getting the mail. The story was false and it arose from confusion and a leaked police report.

Julie Hayden: It was reported in Vanity Fair that John Ramsey left the house to get the mail for about an hour. I think that looked suspicious to me, frankly, and I think it looked suspicious to a lot of people and I know it looked suspicious to the police who initially believed that to be the case. It is my understanding that the police initially believed he left the house but very soon thereafter they learned he did not leave the house. However, the police never bothered to correct the Vanity Fair article. I don't know why the police and the law enforcement in Boulder would allow things that they knew were not true to continue to be widely reported. I can speculate that they didn't mind having stories like that out there because it put some pressure on the Ramseys.

See full transcript at

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