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There are advantages and disadvantages with dna/microphones/etc.

Once the community views police as an occupying army of snoopers weilding cotton swabs, public confidence dims and criminals get more confident because no one snitches or even reports suspicions.

DNA testing is no longer all that expensive or time consuming. I certainly think felons should be swabbed and maybe lesser offenders also. Mere arrestees probably not.

Some police departments object to being billed for fingerprint searches and electronic equipment in unified court systems, some counties look askance at how much jails cost to hold pretrial detainees.

Most people favor offender sex registries but do not realize most offenders are not in those registries and the registries are woefully time consuming. 

CODIS is great, but there have been no 'hits' in twenty years. Untested rape kits still linger on shelves in many areas. The reasons are perhaps financial but more likely political.
I previously worked on the All-Felons DNA Legislation that the F.B.I. supported and that is a great program. However, DNA is an area where technology seems to have gotten ahead of the law. We need to have a national conversation about the uses and limits of this technology, not only in criminal justice science, but in reproductive science, bioethics, technology and even consumer affairs (companies can attempt to possess your DNA).

Until that happens, this is still largely the scientific "wild west".
That is why I place some reliance upon DNA, but DNA would be more helpful in identifying a potential suspect, and excluding people like John Mark Karr, who were not actually involved, but insert themselves in place as suspects.
The DNA profile GSLDPD99178617 is the profile of a single individual, a man. That profile was found intermingled with the blood shed by JonBenet during the sexual assault. There is NO innocent explanation for that DNA.

I have set up a reward of 2000 dollars for the identity of the donor of that DNA. That is a no-strings attached deal. I don't care if the man is alive or dead, if he is ever arrested for any crime. That money is just for the identification of the source of that DNA.

Another reward will go to the person who solves this and the details of how that will be distributed has NOT been determined yet. I would hope to sit with the Ramseys and a friend from Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers before I make the final decision there.

But for now, I can say that DNA has been used to clear some reasonable suspects - like Fleet White who had to be suspected because he was among the last to see JonBenet alive, because he had been in the room where her body was found. And Chris Wolf who had no alibi for that night, lied about knowing who John Ramsey was and whose girlfriend believes to this day he was involved. And false confessors like John Mark Karr whose involvements did NOTHING to advance this investigation but amounted to a sick side show that actually hurt some people who were taken in by his lies.

And that DNA can still solve this crime.

THAT is a fact.
I agree that the most promising way to solve this crime is through DNA, regardless of what certain celebrity criminalists say.  My impression is that the perpetrator is of the serial-killer-wannabe type who admires, for example, the Zodiac killer. 

There was a show on serial killers recently in which a psychologist, who was asked what it was about serial killers that was so interesting to people.  She replied that she had found in her studies that serial killers were usually not very interesting at all.  Most lived  dull and uninteresting lives.  Many of the suspects discussed in the Ramsey case are eccentric people.  Such people may be the wrong type of people to look at.

It's now 2021.  Perhaps it is time to test the DNA of  duller and less interesting suspects, people that resemble Gary Ridgway (Green River Killer),  Dennis Rader (BTK), and Keither Jesperson (Happy Face Killer).  It may well be that the Ramsey perpetrator has no outstanding characteristics whatsoever.  Dull as dirt.

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