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Diane Brumfit - South
Neighbor to the South, she reported noticing the light in the sunroom was out - normally the lamp in that room was left on 24/7.
This was verified in interviews with neighbors (she told more than one neighbor about the light that was out), but Diane Brumfit refused to speak to me when I approached her last summer, in 2016.
Diane had two sons, Adam and Luke Vermeire. They had been playing a video game late Christmas night and the window in that room looked out towards the Ramsey house. They didn't see anything unusual that night.

The boys were interviewed on December 26th or 27th by Detective Barry Hartkopp. Quotes are from his report.

Adam..."stated that he had associated with the Ramseys, and JonBenet and Burke on various occasions. He stated that they also appeared to be quite friendly and open, and very loving towards one another. He did not see anything unusual in their interactions with one another."

Luke..."stated that he has been over to the residence at 755 15th Street to play with JonBenét and Burke on numerous occasions. Luke Vermeire stated that he has never seen anything unusual and that Luke and Jon all seemed to be happy and normal when they're together. Luke Vermeire stated that on one occasion he did see JonBenet and Burke disciplined for bringing mud into the residence. Luke Vermeire stated that the parents had Jon and Burke clean up the mud. He stated that the parents did not hit, yell, scream, belittle the children when disciplining them. He stated that they simply made them clean the mud up."
according to Steve Thomas' timeline, Diane Brumfit saw a dark blue Astro Van stopped in front of the Ramsey house on December 24th and 25th. Both times in the morning. No mention of any person linked to that.
Continuing a review of Steve Thomas' timeline, Diane Brumfit "may have again seen dark blue Astro van parked in the same general location across the street from 755 15th Street. Astro van was dirty and no occupants observed."

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