Joe and Betty Barnhill - East
Lovely older couple who lived across the street from the Ramseys, they shared the dog with the Ramseys.  John Ramsey had hidden JonBenét's Christmas bike at their house. 

They also had a boarder in the basement named Meyers. - - Sorry, blanked out on his details.  Sure someone will fill in.
Glenn Meyers.

His first hand writing samples had similarities to the ransom note so he provided more samples. He didnt really know the Ramseys and they didnt know he stayed there. Ironically his son was murdered in Boston. He passed a polygraph in 1997.

He said on Christmas night he was at home and watched TV in the den with the barnhills until 9pm. Then he went downstairs to his basement room. He had the stomach flu
Joe Barnhill, who lives across the street, said he stowed the Christmas bicycle John Ramsey bought for Jon Bonet until Christmas Eve. Barnhill was outside the house Thursday afternoon walking Jon Bonet's dog - a pet he said she received as a birthday present about two years ago.
He described the Ramseys - John, Patricia, Jon Bonet and her older brother, Burke - as a happy family.
"They are such congenial people - the best neighbors," said Barnhill.
Barnhill said Jon Bonet's mother, called Patsy - a former Miss West Virginia - raised a well-mannered, polite daughter.
"She has been working so hard to groom her and raise her for the society we live in," said Barnhill.
BDR newspaper
"They found her in a hidden area down there, so whoever killed her had to be somebody that knew the house," said Joe Barnhill, who lives across the street from the Ramseys and cares for JonBenet's dog.

12/29/1996 NEWS

The murder has stunned neighbors.
"I'm sure people are more fright ened now, and I feel more vulnerable," Barnhill said. "We feel that this has been a very secure and quiet neighborhood, and that's why it's such a shock."

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