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So where was the DNA-X?
Q. There was a pocket knife found on the basement counter?
A. Which I learned later, right.
Q. And was that ever sourced, to your knowledge?
A. No. My recollection of that is terribly vague because I don't know when we talked about those
thousand-plus pieces of evidence collected, those were potential pieces of evidence, I think that the
pocket knife may have been collected, but I don't know. There was the suggestion that I overheard
that that belonged to Burke.
Q. Was that ever sourced to Burke?
A. Not prior to me leaving.

If it was not on her body or clothes - - - I wonder.

COULD IT BE one of the two hairs found on the white blanket?  One pubic hair and one head hair - - neither sourced.

DNA disclosed in Ramsey case - Previously unrevealed sample found after September 1998
Daily Camera
December 6, 2002
Pam Regensberg

A court document released this week shows that Boulder police discovered a previously undisclosed DNA sample at the scene of JonBenet Ramsey`s slaying. That fact was revealed in a 192-page transcript of Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner's deposition in a civil case involving JonBenet`s parents.
In the document, Beckner said the DNA sample was discovered sometime after September 1998, when Boulder County grand jury convened to investigate the 1996 slaying.
It is unclear where the DNA was discovered, but Beckner said it did not come from the slain 6-year-old girl`s body or clothing, where a previously disclosed DNA was found. He said he couldn`t say how many people were compared to the sample.
During the deposition, Beckner was hesitant to answer questions about evidence. He frequently turned to his attorney and asked if he could respond.
Beckner could not be reached for comment Thursday night.
The deposition was taken in Boulder on November 2001 by Atlanta attorney L. Lin Wood, who represents John and Patsy Ramsey in a multimillion-dollar libel suit brought by Robert Christian Wolf -- a former Boulder journalist identified as a suspect in couple`s book, "The Death of Innocence."
Former prosecutor Michael Kane, who ran the 13-month grand jury investigation that ended without an indictment, declined to discuss the case. "I don`t want to be commenting on this case -- it`s a past lifetime for me," Kane said from his Pennsylvania home. He said that even if he did remember that piece of evidence, he wouldn`t talk about it. "It`s been 21/2 years since my involvement, and my recollection is sliding," he said.
Unmatched DNA found beneath JonBenet`s fingernails and inside her underwear has long stumped detectives. That genetic material does not match that of the girl`s family members or her parents, whom police have said are under suspicion in their daughter`s death.


Rocky Mountain News
December 7, 2002
Katie Kerwin McCrimmon 

Boulder police have additional DNA evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case they never previously revealed. The evidence could be critical to solving the murder mystery six years after JonBenet was found slain in her home, the Ramseys' attorney said Friday. ``I believe that the DNA will one day capture the killer if it's used properly in terms of being analyzed with databanks around the country,'' said L. Lin Wood, the Atlanta attorney who represents John and Patsy Ramsey.
The DNA evidence came to light in a previously secret transcript of a deposition in a civil case. During the November 2001 deposition, Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner referred to additional DNA evidence that was found somewhere at the crime scene after September 1998. The DNA was not found on JonBenet's body or clothing.
Wood was deposing Beckner in preparation for a multimillion-dollar libel suit brought by Robert Christian Wolf, a former Boulder journalist the Ramseys fingered as a suspect in their book The Death of Innocence. Wood said he questioned Beckner further, trying to get him to reveal more about the DNA, but because the scope of the deposition was narrowly related to the libel case, he could not get more information.
He said he found the DNA revelation stunning at the time of the deposition, but a confidentiality order prevented him from revealing the discovery. Wood said he fought to have the confidentiality order lifted and that's why the document is now being made public. Wood blasted the Boulder police for failing to compare all DNA samples in the case with samples from criminals across the country. He believes that competent, unbiased homicide investigators could solve the crime.
Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner was unavailable for comment Friday.
could it be the killer left his DNA on the handle of the suitcase when he carried it from the bottom of the stairs to the broken window?
From Trip demuth's presentation:

Patsy Ramsey said it looked like Burke's if it had his initials on it.
CBI says it does not have initials on it.
Has the knife really been identified by Patsy?
If not, how do you prove that it was not carried into the house and left behind?

MY COMMENT - Could it be that the killer owned that knife and his DNA was found on the blade of the knife?
From Trip Demuth's presentation:

"Have you checked the toilet paper taken from the basement toilet for blood, human tissue, biological samples or DNA?    What explanation will you give for what you haven't done?"

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