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BPD quotes from Woodward book
These are listed in Woodward's book on page 161 - each has the BPD report number noted there - I am just interested in showing the quotes to show how the police were monitoring suspects, not victims.

12:05 - Both John and Patsy get Valium

12;20 - John and Patsy Ramsey fall asleep on the living room floor.

1:50 - Patsy gets up and asks if someone is with her son, Burke.  She also asks for more pills and says, "I just want to stay asleep."  She also asks if all the doors and windows are locked.  She is drowsy and drugged.

2:00 - Patsy gets up to go to the bathroom.  She is drowsy and dazed.  Sobs every once in a while.  At times needs to be supported. 

2:35 - Patsy Ramsey goes back to bed.

2:40 - John Ramsey gets up and asks for 2 pills and walks around crying.

2:45 - John Ramsey goes back to bed.

2:50 - John Ramsey is back up, crying and sobbing at times.

3:50 - The police officer's report ends when he is relieved by another officer.
afternoon of Dec.27th

John Ramsey reached out and asked for BPD supervisor Larry Mason would go to the Fernie house to speak to him about what was happening. Mason and Detective Arndt responded and met with John for about 40 minutes. Patsy Ramsey was still heavily medicated, most of her time spent in bed.

Officers remained with the Ramseys for days - - recording everything they said and did - up until they let the Fernie house to fly to Atlanta for their daughter's funeral.

Meanwhile, detectives met repeatedly with the Ramseys for informal interviews. Other officers monitored the Ramseys 24/7

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