Stratbucker removed as witness
He ws removed as a witness in the wolf case - for good reason.  I am posting that bit here but you really should
read his deposition - it is under discredited or discounted witnesses along with Gideon Epstein and Cina Wong.

2 THE VIDEOGRAPHER: Counsel, we are
3 back on the record at 12:47 p.m.
4 MR. HOFFMAN: Thank you very much.
5 I am going to address this, of course, to Lin
6 Wood and to Jim Rawls because they represent the
7 counsel for John and Patsy Ramsey. And I
8 certainly acknowledge Mr. Bauer's important role
9 in the case.
10 Let me take an opportunity to --
11 MR. WOOD: Hey, Darnay, don't --
12 MR. HOFFMAN: -- due to the
13 testimony of the deposition today and to
14 consider not only the witness but also the
15 testimony from the witness and looking at it in
16 relation to my theory of the case, I have
17 decided at this point to withdraw Dr. Robert
18 Stratbucker as an expert witness in this
19 particular case with the understanding, of
20 course, that this testimony, of course, can be
21 sealed if counsel for the defense would like
22 that and there will certainly be no either
23 public reference to any of Dr. Stratbucker's
24 theories to this Rule 26 report, to any of the
25 things that he stated today, any conversations
1 he may have had with me formally or informally,
2 or any other communication involving his theory
3 of whether or not stun gun -- a stun gun was
4 used on JonBenet Ramsey.

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