Dec.29th, 1996 body released, family cooperating
Dec. 29, 1996 - Ramsey Update #04
December 29, 1996
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations, 303/441-3090
Pager: 303/441-3851; pager #4060
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Update on Ramsey Case
Sunday, December 29
The body of JonBenet Ramsey has been released to the family and it's expected the body will be flown to Atlanta for burial by the family. The family will accompany the body to Atlanta. We believe this probably occurred today, Sunday.
The family continues to cooperate with the police investigation, although police have not yet conducted interviews with the father and mother. They have been in no condition to be interviewed up to this point. There are a number of people, including some family members, who have provided lengthy interviews and non-testimonial evidence. The non-testimonial evidence includes hair, blood and handwriting samples.
Police are continuing their investigation of the Ramsey home, the principal crime scene. Police have not ruled out any suspects. There are no further details of the case which will be released at this time.

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