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The oversized panties
The truth about the panties.

Patsy had been shopping in NYC and bought a package of size 12 panties for her niece, Jenny.  They were not only pretty with flowers on them but also boasted the days of the week in the waistband.  Seven pairs of panties in the package, one for each day of the week.

JonBenét saw the panties and wanted them for herself.  Patsy told her they were for Jenny and were too big for JonBenét, but JonBenét didn't care and begged and pleaded until, and it did not take long, Patsy said she could have them.

In all honesty, I don't know when that conversation took place.

Were the  panties too big for the child?  Yes, but JonBenét was in kindergarten and would have been learning the days of the week and would have been proud to know which panties to wear on what day.  The fact that they were "too big" clearly didn't bother her since she had already worn another of the panties - the Monday pair were out of the pack.  I can't say for sure where they were found, in the bathroom or laundry, but I can say there is NO reason to think  they were missing.  (No police report on that has surfaced.)

Christmas Day, JonBenet had been up all day, opening presents, then playing.  In the afternoon she was told to go wash up and change for dinner at the Whites'.  She slid off the panties and slacks she had been wearing - the panties were found inside the pants.  (These are the panties that had "skid marks" on them, the only feces found in this case - the garbage about smeared feces found in her room is a lie.)  

She was getting ready for a party - and I imagine she was very proud  of her prize panties - Wednesday was the right day and they were pretty and new.

No one checked her panties to see if they were a size 8.  No one would have been bothered if they knew she was wearing those oversized panties.

When Patsy put her to bed she took off the velvet pants and slipped on long johns.  She was in a darkened room and in a hurry to end the day because the morning was coming soon enough and it was going to be a busy day.  She was not paying attention and never did say she noticed which panties her daughter was wearing.

JonBenet was found wearing those panties.  There is no reason to think her killer changed them.

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